West Michigan Youth Soccer Association

Updates & Communications

WMYSA recommendations due to EEE outbreak 9/18/19
Click here to read the email on precautions and recommendations for safety while outside in evenings.

Important State and WMYSA Auditing Information 9/14/19
Click here to read the email on Risk Managment program requirements for all adults.

Team Packet Handouts Notification given in packets 8/20/19
Click here to access the packet on how to print game day roster sheets, access rosters, game day procedures, score entry, etc.

Safe Sport Access for Clubs using GotSoccer registration Noftification sent 7/15/19
Click here to read the email on how coaches/managers should contact the club registrar for the access code to complete Safe Sport training.

WMYSA July Coach Registration Update Notification sent 7/11/19
Click here to read the email outlining the process needed in order to get access to Team Connect

MSYSA June 29, 2019 E-News Notification sent by State 6/28/19
Click here to read E-News

WMYSA Fall Affiliation Form Notification sent 6/18/19
The attached Club Affiliation form is sent directly with this email to your club president and registrar/administrator. Since it is facility sensitive, it will not be available on the website. Click here to read more.

WMYSA Fall Registration -Reminders & Updates Notification sent 6/9/19
Click here to read notfication sent to clubs using GotSoccer
this Fall
Click here to read notification sent to clubs using Stack Sports this Fall

MSPSP Fall Registration Process Changes Notification sent by State 6/7/19
Click here to read E-News

MSYSA March 22, 2019 E-News Notification sent by State 5/18/19
Click here to read E-News

WMYSA Game Day Sheets & General Updates Notification sent 4/8/19
We're almost to our opening day! Thank you to everyone for your hard work in getting this season ready for the players. All of the current game reschedules should be set and showing up in your GotSoccer schedules. If something looks amiss, please let me know as quickly as possible. Click here to read more.

Important Stack Sports Implementation Update Notification sent 3/28/19
As you are all aware, we had eight clubs sign a petition requesting WMYSA postpone the implementation of Stack Sports until a later date. From feedback we received from some of those clubs, this is what we have learned about their concerns Click to read more

MSYSA March 2019 E-News Notification sent by State 3/21/19
Click here to read E-News

Registrars Round Table Meeting Notification sent 3/14/19
We are well on our way with having half the clubs signed up and started with their Onboard training with Stack Sports. We have a new salesman working with the clubs which haven't completed the contracts and he is in contact with Ken on following up with those clubs. I have attended most of the trainings and Ann has also been on several of the calls. The clubs seem to be und
erstanding the system as they walk through the process. Click to read more

Pricing Breakdowns for Fall 2019 Notification sent 3/10/19
Unlike other leagues such as GVSA, we are allowing clubs to make their own decision on what to use for registration. But since we need all registration information in our system, those choosing not to use Stack Sports will be assessed additional fees. This is because it will require WMYSA to do much more work by allowing them to stay with GotSoccer. Click here to read more

Scheduling Update Notification sent 2/28/19
This notification is going out to all teams who are scheduled to play in the WMYSA Spring 2019 season U16 Division. Unfortunately we just received word that the SWM Kickers 2003 Blue has just dropped from this event. Since there were only 5 teams in this division, all remaining teams are left with just six matchups. Historically, when teams loose one game no refund is provided. However when two or more are going to be missed due to this occurring the league will provide a prorated discount to your clubs. More information will follow once the board meets in May.

February WMYSA Board Meeting Meeting held on 2/9/19.
The board meets six times a year. Quarterly board meetings are held on the 2nd Sunder of February, August & November and 3rd Sunday of May. The board also meets the last Friday in Februay at the Annual Presidents Award Dinner Meeting and again in July for the AGM. November minutes were aproved at this meeing.

Awards Dinner Notification sent 1/17/19
The 2019 WMYSA Presidents' Award Dinner will be held on Friday, February 22, 2019. This year it is being held at the Fetzer Center at Western Michigan University. At this event we will be providing some league updates and be awarding the two 2019 WMYSA Scholarships. Please go to this link to provide your RSVP and dinner option by February 7, 2019.