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New Rules and Regs for Special Requests

Special Requests Policy and Forms


WMYSA (together with MSYSA) administers 4 types of Special Requests. These are:


  • Player releases
  • Player transfers
  • Dual rosters
  • Play-up requests of more than one year


In recent years, WMYSA has liberalized the rules approving special requests such as transfers and, particularly, dual rosters. This has provided significant benefits of flexibility to many players, teams and clubs.  The number of such requests has increased significantly the past two years.  Three years ago, there were approximately 30 releases, 20 play-ups (U14 and under) and about 10 combined dual roster and transfer requests. Given recent trends, it is projected there will be up to 400 special requests during the 2009-10 season.


This generates extra administrative work, but is manageable if every required request followed the rules. But if just 5-10% fail to follow the rules either on purpose or due to ignorance of the rules, the number of violations would be 20 to 40. The time and effort to deal with these cases plus the complaints from others regarding them can easily add up to 50 to 100 hours of added administrative work. Additionally, to the degree the board wishes to take disciplinary action, these cases can involve an added 50 to 100 hours of WMYSA board commitment. Neglect of such problems will only result in even more temptation to avoid the rules by some and generate even more complaints from others.


To better insure that such requests are properly documented and rules followed, starting in the fall of 2009 all special requests are required to be initially filed with the WMYSA league administrator and to have appropriate request forms accompanying associated registrations.  No special requests are to be sent directly to the MSYSA state offices. (Special allowance is made if a release is sent directly to MSYSA in error.)


Penalties for special request violations will include fines of up to $250 per player to be imposed upon the club(s) involved.


The following rules will apply:


Player Releases


  1. If immediate implementation is desired, a voluntary player release should be filed with the WMYSA Administrator with a $15 fee payable to WMYSA. The player will then be immediately dropped from the roster and the release form forwarded to the state office by the WMYSA Administrator combined with the $10 MSYSA fee. The MSYSA Player Release Form is to be used.
  2. If a player release form is sent directly to the state office, a copy of the form with the state approval stamp MUST be provided to the WMYSA Administrator for a player to be dropped from a WMYSA roster. Such a copy is typically sent to the parent of the player being released so a special request to the state office should be made if a second copy should be sent elsewhere for documentation.
  3. In the case of an involuntary release, the form must be filed directly with the WMYSA Administrator with a $15 fee payable to WMYSA. (An involuntary release is one not requested or signed by the parent of the player.) The player may only be dropped from a WMYSA roster upon receipt of a copy of the form returned from the state with an approval stamp or some other communication from the state office that the release has been approved.
  4. A club or team official may not sign a release request on behalf of a player or parent. Any documented complaint of such a forgery will result in a club fine up to $250 and the suspension for the balance of the season of any club or team official who contributed to the forgery of the signature. If, due to a conflict, a parent refuses to sign a release and an involuntary release is not requested or is not granted, the player will remain on the roster for the balance of the season.


Player transfers


  1. Player transfers between teams within WMYSA may be made between the fall and spring seasons. State approval is not required but WMYSA approval is required together with timely and appropriate documentation.


  1. If a transfer is between teams of the same club, the transfer will be made upon receipt of a documented request from the club president or community rep. An e-mailed statement would typically be adequate.


  1. If a transfer is between clubs, a WMYSA Inter-Club Transfer or Dual Roster Request Form must be submitted with the registration for the new team. This form will require the transfer consent of the parent, the coach or president of the initial team, and the coach or club president of the new team.


  1. If a registration is turned in for a player already registered to a team in another club without the appropriate Inter-Club Transfer Form the registration will be rejected.  If such registration gets approved and the prior registration is later discovered, the registration will be rescinded. In such cases, the player will be required to remain with the initial team until all proper forms are submitted and have approval. A club fine of up to $250 will be imposed per player.


  1. If a player wishes to transfer from a team and that team or club refuses to sign the Inter-Club Transfer Form, the matter may be reported to the WMYSA Administrator or WMYSA Board. In such cases, a member of the WMYSA Board will be chosen to serve as arbitrator among the parties. The goal will be to encourage a fair resolution given the circumstances. But in no case can WMYSA require a team to agree to a transfer without the ultimate consent of the team, club or parents.


  1. All Inter-Club Player Transfers will be subject to review and approval by the full WMYSA board before taking effect.





Dual rosters


  1. A Dual Roster Request is required in all cases where a player wishes to register with 2 teams both registering with MSYSA. This can involve 2 teams within WMYSA regular divisions, A WMYSA team and a team from another league, or a WMYSA team and a premier team. All such requests require the signature approval of the WMYSA Administrator before being sent to the state office. Such forms should be turned in to the WMYSA Administrator with a $25 fee. The WMYSA Administrator will then forward all approved forms to the state office with the appropriate state fee.
  2. A request to play on two teams within the same club and not involving a 2-year play-up request will automatically be approved by WMYSA. If a request is to dual roster on teams with different clubs, a WMYSA Inter-Club Transfer or Dual Roster Request Form must be submitted. This form will require the consent of the parent and coaches or presidents of each team or club.
  3. If registrations are turned in for the same player for two different teams without the proper Dual Roster Request or a statement that it is coming, the player will be registered only for the team with the earliest signing date on the registration. If it is discovered that a player has been registered for two teams without the proper Dual Request Form approval, the registration will be rescinded for the team with the later registration date, and a club fine of up to $250 will be imposed. (If one of the teams is a premier team, the registration for the WMYSA team will be rescinded and the premier club notified. If the commitment to the premier team is shown to be later than the commitment to the WMYSA team, the MSYSA state office will be notified.)
  4. A limit of 3 dual roster players will be allowed on any team. This applies to all teams, whether they are a primary team initiating players to be dual-rostered or secondary teams receiving dual-rostered players.  No team may have more than 3 dual-rostered players on its roster.  A hardship exemption will be allowed to add one or more further dual roster players if such a request is accompanied by a player release for an equal number of existing players on a team.
  5. No dual roster request will be approved for a U13 or younger player on a team two or more years above the appropriate age of the player. A U15 player in 8th grade playing U14 for a half season is expected to transfer to a U15/16 team if fielded by the team’s club and may not then dual roster with the U14 team. A girl may not dual roster on a boys team 2 or more years above the appropriate age level.
  6. Dual rosters are not allowed on two teams playing in the same WMYSA division. An exception will be made if a player is on teams in different divisions in fall that end up in the same division in spring due to team promotion or relegation.
  7. Dual roster requests must be submitted prior to September in fall and prior to May in spring according to state rule. WMYSA will request exceptions from the state for September requests only but there is no guarantee they will be granted.











Play-up requests


  1. A Request to Play in Older Age Bracket, together with an additional Waiver of Liability, must be filed for any registration of a player to play two or more years above the appropriate age of the player. (i.e. a U10 player must file a special request to play on a U12 team.) Requests to play up 3 years will require WMYSA Board review and approval.
  2. A U13 player may not play on a U15 or older team.
  3. A player U12 or younger may not play up two years or more on a team playing in the elite division.
  4. Hardship exceptions will be considered such as allowing siblings with a two-year   age differential to play on the same team.
Posted on 24 Jun 2009 by wmysa
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