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Assignor Update for Spring 2009


Wayne Wilkinson                                                        Gil Urban       

Wayne@TeamWilkinson.com                                    gilurban@aol.com      

Office 269-488-6553                                                  Home/Office 269-429-7142

Cell: 269-217-2052                                                     Cell 269-369-7436

Home: 269-327-8546

Assigns for most WMYSA teams                              Assigns for SWM, Jaier, SH Breakers



  1. All officials are assigned thru a web based system called Arbiter www.thearbiter.net.  This is the only site to locate officials and confirm games.
  2. Every team is expected to have at least one team contact.  You can have more than one team contact if wanted.
  3. To become a team contact you need to send your assignor an e-mail indicating EXACTLY what team you want to be associated with, and your phone numbers.  (Example: Force-Brady U11 Boys B not Force U11 Boys).
  4. It would be great if I had the team contacts at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each season.  During the time that I am assigning games I will not have time to enter team contacts.
  5. I will add the contact to the database, send them the simple step-by-step instructions on how to use the Arbiter site, and they will have to accept or join the Arbiter system.
  6. Once the games have been loaded into the system I will notify each team contact to look at their games to verify that everything is accurate.  If there are issues then they need to contact me.  If the contact person is seeing the wrong games then they have been associated with the wrong team.
  7. We need the team contact’s phone numbers so the official has a way to contact them incase an emergency comes up.
  8. We STRONGLY recommend that someone contacts the officials each week to confirm that they will be at every match.  Many officials are 15years old or younger and may not keep as accurate calendar as most adults do and some may not check e-mail regularly, so you may want to call the younger officials.
  9. Brian Kastman must approve all game changes before I can make the change.



    • We will start the spring 2009 season with 155-160 active and registered officials.
    • Over 60 of these officials are “Grade 9” officials with 30 of them “Brand New” this coming weekend. 
    • All Center officials should be 2 years older and ARs 1 year older than the age level of the team they will be officiating.
    • All Grade 9 officials can only work “Club” level matches up to U12 as a center and U14 as a line.  They will be wearing a Blue Badge.  Do not get them in trouble by asking them to do games they are not allowed to do.
    • First year youth Grade 9 officials will not be assigned to center positions.
Posted on 19 Feb 2009 by wmysa
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