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Fee and Process Changes for 2008/2009 Season

WMYSA Fee and Procedure Changes Beginning 2008/2009 Season


Fee Changes:


  1. Fee of $40 for scheduling a coach requesting integration of two separate division schedules per season. The fee would be $100 for integration of three teams. The purpose is not to discourage such requests but to allocate WMYSA fees more directly to the cause of the administrative workload. Coaches and teams can avoid the charge by merely working with their team’s schedules without making a special request.


  1. Fee of $100 for add and $125 for drop of a team after the team commitment deadline. Late additions and drops of teams cause significant administrative effort.  While some situations are unavoidable the Board seeks to minimize the activity.  The cost to implement the change will be borne by the involved club/team.    


  1. Increase the game reschedule fee to $40 for requests within 5 days of a scheduled game or a new rescheduled date. The fee would remain at $25 for requests made earlier. This would hopefully create awareness and an incentive to request changes well in advance when possible. Last minute requests often require significantly greater effort and inconvenience to reschedule referees.  


  1. U8 Training Squad player registration is $12.50.  Registration is due 5 days prior to MSYSA registration due date.  No late registrations accepted.  Clubs will be provided a certified roster.  If a player card is requested there is $12.50 additional fee.


Procedure Changes:


  1. Registration Changes: 

·         Move the date for “Late Registration Designation” to 5 days prior to the projected date for distribution of team envelopes. There is always a rush to deliver registrations or missing registration items just prior to the deadline. This is creating a very difficult administrative effort to handle these deliveries while preparing team envelopes.  The goal is to push the delivery rush to an earlier date so that it is more likely the envelope preparation is done once and complete.    


·         Impose the existing late fee of $15 on incomplete registrations.  Each season, about 10% to 15% of registrations received are incomplete or have an error requiring further effort. If registration information is not completed (missing information provided) prior to the registration deadline the late fee will be assessed.  


  1. Dual Roster Change: 

·         No discount will be given for the secondary team registration of a dual roster player. To date, WMYSA has given discounts from the $25 league fee since the player is registered on two teams. The discount is being eliminated as each dual roster request requires measurable administrative effort. Dual roster requests should be made by MSYSA deadline of May 1 and October 1. WMYSA dual rostering will not be approved until state approval is received.


  1. Registration Fee Payment Due Date Change: 

·         The club team’s registration fee is due by April 30 or September 30 for spring and fall seasons respectfully.  A 2% per week penalty fee will be charged for late fee payment.  It is essential that WMSYA receive its fees on a timely basis so that it can in turn meet its obligations. If fee is not paid by the due date then a club officer must meet with WMYSA board at its next meeting in May or October to rectify and/or explain the situation. A club will not be able to submit teams for the following season if any fees are outstanding.

Posted on 16 Jul 2008 by wmysa
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