West Michigan Youth Soccer Association
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WMYSA Rules and Regs Updated July 2007




A.                  Purpose and General Structure

West Michigan Youth Soccer Association (WMYSA) will provide a competitive experience for players whose skills qualify them to participate.  WMYSA will continue the development of skilled players and will provide a framework for competitive soccer in West Michigan.

1.       WMYSA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, director of publications, statistician, clinic coordinator and two at-large members.  Non-voting members include coordinators for refereeing and the WMYSA Premier program.  A hired administrator performs registration, scheduling and many communications with member clubs. The Board will strive for high quality, competitive and fair soccer for youth in West Michigan.  Within the context of this broad principle, the Board may interpret the rules and regulations with discretion where appropriate.  WMYSA will sponsor fall and spring seasons.

2.       WMYSA is affiliated with the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA), the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).  WMYSA, through its affiliation with MSYSA, will provide insurance to registered players and officials of member teams and leagues. (See Section I).

3.       WMYSA, upon request, will provide copies of its Bylaws to all first time participants.  WMYSA will provide its rules and regulations annually to coaches and team managers.

4.       The WMYSA Board of Directors must approve all applications for new clubs to join the league.  Clubs affiliated with WMYSA are expected to meet the following requirements. Exceptions may be granted only by specific vote of the WMYSA Board.

a.       Member clubs should have fielded at least 4 teams in WMYSA during the prior year or have specific goals and plans to field at least 4 teams within 2 years of initial application.

b.      Member clubs shall hold open tryouts for at least 4 teams for a coming year. Tryout dates must conform to the MSYSA Rules and Regulations and be announced by May 1 of each year. No more than two tryout locations may be used by an individual club during a year.

c.       All WMYSA fees and fines outstanding are to be paid in full by December 15 and June 15 of each year.

d.      By May 1 of each year, member clubs shall file an annual club affiliation form providing contact information of all club officers and indicating the community representative to the league. A club officer must sign this form on behalf of the club agreeing to abide by MSYSA and WMYSA Rules and Regulations and WMYSA Board policies and decisions.

e.       Member clubs shall file with WMYSA initial copies of club by-laws and an indication of status as being for-profit or non-profit plus tax and incorporation status. This information shall be updated annually if it changes.

f.        Fulfillment of requirements a through e above combined with abiding by MSYSA and WMYSA Rules and Regulations during a current year shall be defined as being in good standing. Membership of clubs not in good standing may be reviewed by the WMYSA Board of Directors at any time and membership may be revoked at any time for failure to maintain good standing, although teams currently registered shall be allowed to complete any current seasonal competition.

5.       WMYSA requires that open published tryouts be held each year for its member teams. All players must have an equal opportunity to try out for a team.  All try outs are subject to the MSYSA try out date guidelines.  Currently, those guidelines state that no try outs are to be held before June 15.  Tryouts for WMYSA’s TKO premier teams should be concluded before any tryouts are held for WMYSA non-premier club teams.  The schedule for try out dates will be established every year by the league at least 120 days prior to the earliest MSYSA guideline try out date.

a.       Tryouts must be fair and equitable using neutral evaluators for each team. Tryouts should include assessments of individual skills and performance in game situations.  Players not chosen must be informed within 10 days of the last tryout date of the club.  All players trying out must be listed on the tryout roster to be covered by insurance. 

b.      Tryouts for all WMYSA players for the fall and/or spring sessions of the seasonal year currently may not be held before June 15 of the preceding seasonal year. For high school age boys teams playing only in the spring session, tryouts may be held from June 15 until the start of high school practice and after the high school season ends in the fall.

c.       Conflicts over try out dates or sites between clubs which are registering their teams with WMYSA for the coming year can be mediated by the league.

d.      WMYSA will not register any player from clubs that hold try outs before the earliest MSYSA try out date allowed.

6.       The Administrator will organize the teams into appropriate age groups, following USYSA age groupings whenever possible.  The Administrator may divide the teams into two divisions when more than 9 teams are in an age group.  Teams may apply for one division or the other and the WMYSA Administrator will assign each team to a division based upon the team's previous record, the team's player roster, and/or the club's performance history.

7.       All club representatives are responsible for identifying playing and practice sites in their communities together with requested or required scheduled game days and times. Maps and directions for playing sites must be provided to the WMYSA Administrator. While schedules are typically balanced with equal numbers of home and away games for all teams, the WMYSA Board may require games to be played at alternative or opposing venues if fields are judged as not playable, do not meet size requirements or if the number of home games on a balanced home-away schedule cannot be reasonably scheduled at the home field facility. 

B.  WMYSA Premier

 The WMYSA Federation exclusively recognizes only the TKO Premier Club to be this league's premier club.  TKO is governed by MSPSP and aligns with WMYSA premier rules and regulations.  This arrangement is designed to offer a wide range of opportunity and options for players.  Within the WMYSA league, players have the ability to develop through club/select, elite and premier programs within their local community.

1.       WMYSA will actively promote a formal partnership with the TKO Premier Club to the non-premier clubs of the league.  This will include, but is not limited to, TKO involvement in WMYSA camps, training, coaching assistance and license certification for all member clubs wishing to participate.

2.        There will be up to two TKO premier teams allowed per age group/gender for U11 through U14.  For U15 and older ages there will be up to as many teams that can be formed consisting of truly premier-quality players.  This is to be reviewed each year with the league.

3.       As the WMYSA premier club, TKO will be provided the first opportunity to fill the WMYSA allotted premier team slots with the MSPSP.  Any slots not used by TKO may be filled with teams from other clubs approved by WMYSA.


C.      Coaches, Referees and Managers

8.       Member clubs are responsible for selecting coaches for their teams. Head coaches must have at least a USSF 'E' license or its equivalent and be registered with MSYSA. A one-year exemption to obtain a coaching license is allowed for coaches who have not previously coached a team registered with WMYSA. The coach is expected to obtain an “E” license during this grace period. If the head coach is not at least 18 years of age, an adult team manager must be registered with WMYSA.

9.       A team may register one coach plus any number of assistant coaches and managers with WMYSA. A maximum of 3 individuals per team may be issued WMYSA pass cards. Only registered individuals with pass cards issued by WMYSA (or Indiana equivalent) may be on the coaching sidelines during games. At least one registered coach or manager with a WMYSA pass card must be on the coaching sidelines for a game to proceed.

10.   All individuals who serve as coaches or team managers must have a risk management card through MSYSA or IYSA. Proof of current certification with an assigned ID# is required for WMYSA registration.

11.   WMYSA asks its member clubs to pay attention to broad areas of coaching qualifications when selecting a coach, including formal soccer coach training, suitability for work with the age group, soccer background and the ability to communicate and teach.  All clubs should annually evaluate their coaches.  The WMYSA Board has the right to reject a nominated coach.

12.   Coaches are responsible for their team's conduct at practices and at games.  Coaches who have been reported in violation of the FIFA Code of Conduct or the Rules and Regulations may be subject to disciplinary hearings and may be suspended. Dismissed coaches may not serve in any official capacity with a team in WMYSA or in any other capacity with WMYSA until the term of suspension is completed.  Coaches are also responsible for their team’s parents. Parents and others are not allowed to make derogatory remarks to players or referees. Any individual in a non-coaching capacity who may be reasonably construed to be associated with a team, such as a relative or spectator, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the league. Any coach or team official shall be held responsible for the actions of any individual(s) who violate WMYSA rules and who, in the opinion of the disciplinary committee, is a supporter of that team.

13.   Each team must designate an individual to serve as the primary contact person with WMYSA when direct communication may be needed. This individual should provide an e-mail address that is regularly checked for messages.

14.   Due to a shortage of USSF registered referees, all clubs must conduct an annual recruitment campaign to encourage older club players and parents of club players to attend the required courses and become registered referees.

D.                  Player Registration

1.       WMYSA will set a calendar each season for deadlines for team commitments and for meeting the minimum registration number for team formations. The deadlines for the team commitments are especially important for development of game schedules, which must be completed and provided to referees’ associations well in advance of the season. Deadlines may be extended only with the approval of the WMYSA Administrator.

2.       All players must be registered with WMYSA, which will, in turn, register them with MSYSA and USYSA. Players must provide WMYSA with copies of official birth certificates, passports or driver’s licenses unless previously on file. Certificates issued by hospitals are not acceptable. Players must fully complete a WMYSA registration form and submit a recent 1" x 1" photo.  Photos that fail to show an acceptable image due to size or clarity will not be accepted nor will photos that have been laminated such that they cannot be readily glued to a paper card. All players will get a USYSA identification card to be kept by the coach or the team manager.

3.       Age is defined by the player's age on August 1st; e.g. a player who will still be under 14 years of age on July 31st may play on a U-14 team during that fall and the following spring seasons.

4.       A team age bracket is to be defined by the age of the oldest player registered on the team. Teams may be comprised of players covering two-year age brackets. (A three-year age bracket is allowed for U19 teams.) A player may be allowed to play up two or more age brackets (i.e. a U14 player on a U16 team) only with the approval of MSYSA.  A maximum of three U8 players may be approved to play for a U9 or older team. Up to 3 players age U15 may play on a U14 age division team if anyone is still in 8th grade during the season. Such teams will be regarded as U15, but will play in the U14 division. Players may request to play in older age brackets by filing a request form available from the WMYSA Administrator and also completing an additional waiver of liability that accompanies the form.

5.       Player cards will be checked by the referee before every WMYSA game and will be immediately returned to the coach. If a player is red-carded, the game will restart only after the referee has received the player card of the player sent off.  Players who have not had a card issued by WMYSA may not play.  Should the player have a valid card, but the card is not present at the game, for whatever reason, the following procedure should be used:

a.       The opposing coach should be notified and the player is open to "Challenge".  If the opposing coach desires to play under "Challenge" (not to be confused with Protest), he must notify the referee and the other coach prior to the start of the game.

b.      If the game is to be played under Challenge, the referee should note this on the FRONT of the game report and the reason - that a player has played without his/her card.

c.       The referee should then record the player’s name and birth date on the back of the game report and have the challenged player sign the back of the game report. 

d.      Upon completion of the game, the game report should be sent to the league Statistician following normal procedure. 

e.       The challenging coach should notify the WMYSA Administrator if a game has been played under challenge and provide the details.

When the league Statistician gets the game report, he will forward it to the league Administrator, where the player's signature will be compared to the player's signature on his/her WMYSA registration form.  If the signatures match, the game will be declared official.  If the signatures do not match, the game will be forfeited by the team using the ineligible player and the coach and player may be subject to sanctions per paragraph C.6 below.

6.       If an ineligible player plays or if a coach knowingly permits an ineligible player to participate in a WMYSA sanctioned game, the player and/or coach will be suspended for a period of time to be determined by the WMYSA Board.  Players are ineligible if they were sent off in the previous game, if they are not registered or if they were illegally registered.

7.       The league will follow the MSYSA guidelines for dual roster players.  See Rule 3.6, Section C of the MSYSA Rules, Regulations and Policies, effective July 31, 2006.  Signatures of both team coaches are required for consideration of approval by the league.

8.       Players are permitted and encouraged to play in other developmental soccer programs in their communities providing those teams are not registered with MSYSA.

9.       The submittal of a player registration form signed by the player and his/her parent or guardian (if the player is under 18 years of age) and player fee binds that player to that team for the seasonal year unless granted a transfer or release approved by WMYSA and MSYSA. (A player may transfer from one non-premier team to another within WMYSA between seasons with the approval of WMYSA only.) A coach may release a player only after notifying the player of an intention to release and filing a Release Form with MSYSA and receiving approval due to valid reasons. Any attempt prior to June 1 to induce a player to change teams for the current seasonal year is defined as poaching in violation of MSYSA Rule 3.7. 

E.                  Team Roster Limits

AGE LEVEL            ROSTER MAX               ROSTER MIN                TEAM FORMAT
U9-U10                               11                                 6                                  6v6
U11-U12                              14                                 7                                  8v8
U13-U16                              18                                 7                                 11v11
U17-U19                              22*                               7                                 11v11
        (*The game roster for U17-U19 shall have a maximum of 18 players and a minimum of 7 players.)

If the permanent roster size of a team falls below the minimum, the team will be required to bring the roster up to at least the minimum number of players.  Voluntary releases will be granted by MSYSA to players whose original team suspends operations.

F.                  Rules, Game Procedures

1.   All WMYSA games will be played according to the FIFA "Laws of the Game", as modified by USYS and MSYSA for youth players.  USSF referees and (to all but the youngest divisions) assistant referees (AR) will be assigned, using the diagonal system of control.  The dual system is not permitted.  If one AR does not show up, use a club linesman on one side.  The one AR should call offside on his/her end and the center referee should call offside on the other end.

2.   Youth Rules for U9-U12 Games: We follow the “USYSA Rules for Small Sided Games.”  Significant notes from these rules are:

For direct and indirect free kicks opponents are at least 8 yards from the ball until it is in play.  The ball must be stationary when the kick is taken and the kicker does not touch the ball a second time until it has touched another player.  If a direct free kick is kicked directly into the opponent’s goal, a goal is awarded.  If a free kick is kicked directly in to the team’s own goal a corner kick is awarded to the opposing team.

Penalty kicks for U9U10 are taken from 8 yards from goal. Penalty kicks for U11-U12 are taken from 10 yards from goal.

For U9-U10 there is no Offside Rule.  For U11-U12 we follow FIFA laws of the game for offside, there is offside rule.

Substitutions are allowed at any game stoppage and are unlimited.

Punting and/or drop kicks are allowed by the goalkeeper.  However, an indirect kick is awarded to the opposing team at the center spot on the halfway line if a goalkeeper punts or drop-kicks a ball in the air all the way from one penalty area into the opponent’s penalty area.  Throwing the ball into the opponent’s penalty area by the goalkeeper is permitted.

3.   Before every game, both coaches shall provide the referee with a current official stamped team roster, ID player cards and a completely filled out WMYSA Team Lineup and Official Referee Report form. The referee must check player ID cards against the official team roster. Players not listed on the official team roster will not be allowed to play.  The home team coach shall also provide a stamped envelope addressed to the WMYSA statistician.  Players without ID cards having been issued may not play.  Note: A player who has been issued a card does not have to be in possession of his/her card in order to play.  The player without a pass must provide their name, signature, and date of birth for the referee to place onto the back of the game report.  Referees shall return player cards to the teams after players are checked in. In the event of a player or coach ejection, play shall be stopped and the ID card of any ejected player or coach shall be requested by the referee. Refusal by a team to supply a requested ID card shall result in termination of the game and a forfeit by the team failing to supply the card(s). The coach is also subject to disciplinary action by the WMYSA Board. Referees shall send the game report and any retained cards to the statistician.

4.   The Referee and Assistant Referees must be paid by the home team before the start of the game according to the fee schedule agreed upon by the referees and WMYSA and shown in the Game Procedures section of the Rules and Regulations.

5.   Teams shall take opposite sidelines for their benches.  Home teams have choice of preferred sidelines.  Parents and spectators must take the same sidelines as their respective team, unless the facility prevents this.  It will be the responsibility of the coach to educate, and to control their spectators on their side of the field, and see that their fans or spectators behave in a proper and respectful manner. Adults without ID cards may not be within the team bench area or participate with coaching in any fashion in the bench area.  

6.   Teams should not play without a certified referee.  In emergencies, others may referee, if both teams agree. Otherwise the game will need to be rescheduled following the Game Reschedule Procedure.

G.                 Discipline (Cautions and Send-Offs)

WMYSA expects its players and coaches to conduct themselves within the rules of WMYSA, the principles of fair play and good sportsmanship.  MSYSA Rules & Regulations govern these violations:

1.       Player Fighting.  Players guilty of fighting before, during or after games shall receive a two game suspension.

2.       Player Profanity.  A player guilty of using profanity, either by word or sign, against another player, coach, spectator, referee, linesman or any league official shall receive a two game suspension.

3.       Player Threats.  A player guilty of making threatening gestures or racial insults against another player, coach, spectator, referee, linesman or any league official shall receive a one game suspension.

4.       Player Striking Official.  A player guilty of pushing or striking any coach, referee, linesman, or any league official shall receive a one-year suspension.

5.       Player Ejection.  Players sent off by the referee shall receive a minimum one game suspension.

6.   Coach Threats.  Coaches or team officials who make threatening gestures or use threatening language to other players, coaches, league officials, referees or linesmen shall be disciplined:  first time = two game suspension; second time = the offender shall appear before the MSYSA Board and be suspended for four games; third time the offender will be suspended for not less than one year.

7.   Coach Fights.  Coaches or team officials who fight at any time shall be disciplined:  first time the offender shall appear before the State Board and shall be suspended for a minimum of one year; second time the offender shall be suspended for not less than three years.

8.   Coach and Fan Misconduct.  Any coach allowing a suspended player to play shall be suspended for two games. His      team forfeits the game. Coaches and other team officials shall be subject to all rules pertaining to misconduct contained in MSYSA Playing Rules & Regulations and as set by USSF including cautions, send offs and standard suspensions.  If an individual (coach, team official or spectator) who supports a team abuses or assaults a referee or player, such action shall be deemed loss of control by the coach and other team officials. Upon review of reports of the incident, the disciplinary committee shall determine if a charge of abuse or assault shall be sustained. Should such a charge be sustained, a financial bond of up to $1000 will be required within 5 days for the team to be allowed to continue to play. If a second such offense occurs within two years, the initial bond will be forfeited and a second bond required within 5 days. A third such offense involving any supporter of the same team within two years shall result in the forfeit of the bond and suspension of the team. Outstanding bonds not forfeited shall be returned to the team through their club after two years.

9.    Falsifying Records. Clubs, players, coaches, managers or any Club/team official who alters a tryout roster, official team roster, falsifies a birth certificate or affix a wrong photo to a player registration form or player ID card shall receive up to a seven-year suspension.

10.  Tournament Suspensions: The following applies to suspensions associated with USSF-sanctioned tournament play.

a.       Red card suspensions issued in a tournament match shall be carried forward to the next tournament match. Red card suspensions issued on the final match of a tournament shall be carried forward to the team’s next USYSA match. Red card suspensions issued in the final match of the team’s final tournament of the season shall be carried forward to the next WMYSA league match (carried forward to the following league season if necessary).

b.      WMYSA league suspensions must be served during USYSA tournament play, if the tournament match is played prior to the teams next scheduled league match. The coach must provide the league statistician written evidence, signed by a tournament official, which documents the suspension served.

c.       WMYSA Penalties.  Players, coaches, managers or team officials receiving three cautions during a playing season shall be suspended for the next game.  Players sent off twice during a season are suspended pending an appeal to the Disciplinary Committee. Any team receiving 2 red cards in one game or 5 red cards in a season is considered on probation. Its coach shall provide a statement to the Disciplinary Committee regarding actions taken with players and/or coaches to improve team discipline and behavior. Sanctions include restricted tournament play.  WMYSA recommends (but does not require) that players be substituted when cautioned (yellow cards).  A sent off (red carded) coach may attend the next game as a spectator in the spectator areas only.  Suspensions carry over to the next season.

H.                  Game Protests

Protests must be submitted to the League Statistician within 72 hours and must be accompanied by a completed WMYSA Referee Evaluation form. Only factual errors which can be shown to have altered the match win/loss outcome may be protested. Judgment calls will not be considered. Concerns involving referee decisions or behavior which do not meet the above protest threshold should be documented via a Referee Evaluation form and submitted to the appropriate Referee’s Association per form instructions. Matches for which a protest is upheld as determined by the Disciplinary Committee shall be rescheduled.

I.                    Injuries

Injuries requiring medical care should be reported to the WMYSA Administrator within 72 hours of the injury. MSYSA insurance will cover expenditures not covered by policies of individual players. Claim information and forms are available at the msysa.net website. Claim forms are to be filed with the MSYSA office within 90 days of the accident in order for the claim to be eligible for coverage.

J.                   Uniforms

1.       All players must be in full uniform: shirt (tucked in), shorts, socks (covering the shin guards), shin guards and shoes.  When colors of uniforms are similar, the home team must effect a change to colors which are distinct from the opponent. Goalkeepers shall wear colors that distinguish them from all other players and referees. Headwear worn for religious purposes is acceptable providing a letter of notification has been sent to the WMYSA Administrator.

2.       Numerals, at least six inches high, must be worn on the back of each player's jersey.  Numbers on goalkeepers' uniforms are optional on either front or back or both. 

K.                  Home Team Responsibilities

The home team must make sure its field is playable and meets minimum playing dimensions of 50 x 100 yards for U13 and older games. A field size of 45 to 55 x 60 to 80 yards is acceptable for U11 and U12. The field size for U10 and U9 should be 35 to 45 x 45 to 60 yards. The recommended goal size for all small-sided games is 6 x 18 feet. If a field is not playable, the referee must issue a report to the statistician, who then has the authority to rule if the game will be forfeited. The home team must have a first aid kit at the game site and provide a ball that satisfies the Laws of the Game. The home team must pay the referees.

L.                  Schedules, Cancellations and Forfeits

1.       Whenever feasible, the WMYSA Administrator will arrange for at least eight games each in fall and spring. All teams are requested to provide requests for blackout dates when team commitment forms are due. Subsequently, blackout date requests should be phoned or e-mailed to the WMYSA Administrator. They will be reflected in schedules up to the date preliminary schedules are distributed through club representatives. After that time, teams will have a brief window to review the preliminary schedules and request changes by contacting opposing coaches to set a mutually agreeable date. Game times, but not game dates, not fixed by team request are subject to change until the final schedules are set and passed on to the referee assignors from the WMYSA Administrator.

2.       Once referees have been assigned to games for the coming season, game changes may only be made by following the Game Reschedule Procedure set forth on page 11.

3.       WMYSA requires that when lightning is observed or thunder is heard by the referee during a game, the game must be suspended and the playing field kept clear of participants until 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning is noted; or it must be terminated. Suspended games may result in termination at the discretion of the referee if subsequent scheduled games require use of the same field or referees.  If a game is terminated because of weather and one half of the game has been completed, the game will be considered complete and the score at the time of suspension will be recorded as the final result.  If the game is terminated in the first half, it will be rescheduled and replayed.  The home team must notify the WMYSA Administrator and the referee coordinator of the new date.

4.       If a team fails to appear for a scheduled game without prior notification of the opposing team and referees, a fine of up to $250 will automatically be imposed by the WMYSA Administrator. The fine will be set to cover referee fees, field rental if the home team appeared or travel reimbursement if the visiting team appeared plus a basic penalty fee. The fee will be due from the team’s club to WMYSA. WMYSA will then distribute the proceeds to the referees and visiting team as due.

M.     Practice and Scrimmage Frequencies

Teams may practice as frequently as they wish.  Teams may have as many inter-squad scrimmages as they wish. It is strongly recommended that all U9 teams practice no more than once per week.  A scrimmage is defined as a game-like situation for which there are not sanctioned referees and where the final score is not recorded. WMYSA rules and regulations do not apply to indoor play. MSYSA insurance does not apply to indoor games or indoor practices.

N.      Standings and Championships

1.       Each team is requested to report the game score to the statistician through the WMYSA web site. A point system will be used to determine the standing of teams in each division according to the FIFA standard of awarding a winning team 3 points, each team in a tied match 1 point and a losing team 0 points.  In addition, a team that forfeits a game gets a point deducted from its point total.  The team receiving the forfeit will have the game recorded as a 1-0 win (and will receive the full 3 points for the win).

2.       At the conclusion of the WMYSA season, the team with the most points shall be declared the champion of its division.  If two or more teams are tied on the basis of points earned, they will be declared co-champions.  WMYSA awards championship pins.

O.                 Due Process

In case of problems between teams or clubs, a team or club may contact the WMYSA Board, in writing, to describe the problem.  Referees shall report problems to the Statistician on game reports. The Board will communicate its decisions to the coaches, clubs, and referees involved.  If The Board reprimands a team and if the problem is not corrected, the offending team may be removed from WMYSA.  Disciplinary actions may be appealed to the WMYSA Board, in writing, within 7 days. Board disciplinary hearings shall follow the MSYSA Bylaws. A copy of these Bylaws is available, upon request, from the WMYSA Administrator.

P.                  Interleague Play with GVSA and CASL

1.       WMYSA will strive to organize inter-league play with the Grand Valley Soccer Association and the Capital Area Soccer Association each season for “elite” teams.

2.       WMYSA will strive to promote up to 4 teams for play in the U12 elite divisions beginning each fall season. Teams will be selected by the WMYSA Administrator based upon performance during the prior U11 season.

3.       Continued eligibility for elite play shall depend upon elite division standings. Depending upon the number of teams in an elite division, from 1 to 3 of the lowest standing elite teams will be relegated after each season, regardless of league affiliation. WMYSA will then promote one team from the A division.

4.       Teams to be promoted to elite will be selected by the WMYSA Administrator. Such teams will typically, but not necessarily, be the winners of the A division the prior season. A team selected for promotion does not have the option to decline a promotion, but may appeal the selection to the WMYSA Board of Directors for review. Teams not selected for promotion that wish to play elite or teams relegated that wish to remain in elite may express their desire to the WMYSA Administrator. After consultation with the other leagues participating in the elite division, these teams may be offered the opportunity to play elite if the particular division has less than 9 teams.

5.       WMYSA divisions will generally not be reduced below 5 teams in order to provide teams for elite play.

Q.                 MSYSA Rules and Regulations and Matters Not Provided For

These WMYSA Rules and Regulations are intended as a supplement to and not a replacement of the Rules and Regulations of the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, which is the governing body. The MSYSA Rules and Regulations are available on the msysa.net website. Any matters not provided for in these Rules and Regulations shall be determined by the WMYSA Board of Directors and decisions so made shall be binding.

R.                  Pleas of Ignorance

A plea of ignorance to the Rules and Regulations is not sufficient and violators may expect appropriate action by the Board of Directors of the Association.


Revised: February 2007


Game Procedures

1.       Home team coach / manager is responsible for calling the opposing coach and head referee to confirm game time and field location. To find the scheduled referee, go to the wmsra.com website and go to the “USSF Schedule.” Locate the referee code and then locate the telephone number in the separate listing of referee names. In the SWM and Michiana Echo areas, contact your club or area referee assignors.

2.       The home team will have the field prepared for play at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

3.       At least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time, the coach / manager of each team will present the following to the referee:

a.       A completed WMYSA Team Lineup and Official Referee Report Form.  This is the only documentation of the game.  To ensure accuracy and to make the statistician's job easier, fill out completely.

b.      Player and Coach Pass Cards.

c.       Current Official Stamped Team Roster.

4.       In addition, at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time, the coach / manager of the home team will present the following to the referee:

a.   The stamped, addressed envelope provided by WMYSA for mailing the game results to the statistician.

b.   A game ball as follows:

Age Bracket

Game Length

Ball Size


25 minute halves



25 minute halves


U11, U12

30 minute halves


U13, U14

35 minute halves


U15, U16

40 minute halves


U17, U18, U19

45 minute halves


c.   Payment for officials as follows (starting fall ‘07):

Age Bracket

Fees (1 referee)

Fees (3 referees)







U11, U12


$25.00 / $20.00 / $20.00

U13, U14


$35.00 / $25.00 / $25.00

U15, U16


$40.00 / $30.00 / $30.00

U17, U18, U19


$45.00 / $35.00 / $35.00

If one of the assistant referees does not show, the center official does not receive additional compensation.  If neither assistant referee shows, the center official should be paid at the rate of the single official listed above.  Also, if one of the assistant referees does not show, use a club linesman with the single asst referee calling offside on one end and the center referee calling offside on the end with the club linesman.  DO NOT USE THE TWO-MAN SYSTEM TO REFEREE WMYSA GAMES!

Game Reschedule Procedure

1.   The game reschedule procedure applies to any request to reschedule that occurs after referees have been assigned during the scheduling process, unless there has been an error or oversight by the WMYSA Administrator.

2.       Games may only be rescheduled for valid reasons, such as a State Cup game, conflict with a tournament or conflict with school or church activities affecting more than two players or all registered coaches and managers.

3.       Reschedule Procedure:

a.       Inform the WMYSA Administrator of the game to be rescheduled.

b.      Contact the opposing coach and agree on a new time and date. Check with the WMYSA Administrator if there is a question about field availability.

c.       Contact the scheduled referees as listed on the www.wmsra.com website or, in the SW Michigan or Michiana Echo areas, contact the individual indicated by your club. If the referees are not contacted and appear for the game, the team requesting the change is responsible for paying the full referee fees with the payment to be made to WMYSA from the team’s club.

d.      In all cases not due to an administrative error, the team rescheduling a game must schedule the referees for the new game time and date. First try the referees scheduled for the cancelled game, if known. Then review the referee availability list on the www.wmsra.com website for others to contact. In the SW Michigan and Michiana Echo areas follow the directions of your club.

e.       File a Game Reschedule Report with the WMYSA Administrator accompanied by a fee of $25 to WMYSA. The Game Reschedule Report may be downloaded at wmysa.org or a copy requested from the WMYSA Administrator. When possible, file this at least a week in advance of the new game date even if new referees have not been scheduled.

f.        Contact the WMYSA Administrator for assistance if referees cannot be found after significant effort or if coaches cannot agree on a new time and date.

4.       If a canceled game is never played, the WMYSA Board will consider the circumstances to determine if the cause is the primary responsibility of either team. The game will either be disregarded in the standings or will be considered a forfeit by a team failing to meet the rescheduling responsibilities. A team that is requested to change by another team is expected to make a sincere effort to reschedule.

5.       A fine of up to $250 shall be assessed through a team’s club in the event of a forfeit or if a game is rescheduled and played without being reported to the WMYSA Administrator. This fine may only be waived upon appeal to the WMYSA Board.


Game & Score Reporting Procedure

Team Lineup and Official Referee Report

Both coaches and the head official must sign this form at the conclusion of the game.  The head official will place these forms in the envelope provided by the home team and mail them to the Statistician along with pass cards for any player or coach receiving a red card.  Please use stamped envelopes provided by WMSYA to facilitate this process.  A copy of this form is included in the coach’s manual.

Procedure for Recovering Red Cards

Anyone issued a red card during a game will not be allowed to participate in the next league game, at least.  The game official will send the pass card to the Statistician along with the Game Report.  The pass card will be returned to the coach or club representative within 3 days of the player's next eligible game.  If the pass card has not been received by this time, the WMYSA Statistician should be contacted.

Reporting Scores for Standings

The coach / manager of every team must e-mail the game score to the statistician through the WMYSA Web site. The scores and standings will be posted on the WMSYA Web site.

Referee Evaluation Form

Each coach should complete the referee evaluation form providing feedback to the referees' associations on the performance of the referees.  Mail these forms to the appropriate referee association listed at the bottom of the Referee Evaluation Form based upon WHERE THE GAME WAS PLAYED.  You may wait a few weeks and mail multiple forms at a time, but please make sure they get sent in.

How to find Standings on the Internet

Go to http://www.wmysa.org

WMYSA Forms and Related Procedures

Team Reservation Form

This form must be completed by each club's representative and should include all teams planning to play in the upcoming season.  This form must be turned in to the WMYSA Administrator by the date listed on the league calendar. The league must have the team reservation form by the published date so that the WMYSA Administrator can begin making the schedule.  The majority of player registration and Soccerfest fees due WMYSA should be paid with the team reservation form or shortly thereafter. An exact accounting of fees still due will be provided each club at the time of the coaches’ meeting, based upon the number of registered players at that time.

Roster Form

Every new team must complete this form and submit it, along with the coach and player registration forms, to the WMYSA Administrator by the date listed on the league calendar.  List players alphabetically and only list players and coaches who are to be registered. Keep a copy for your records so you can keep track of roster changes.

Player / Coach Registration Form

This form must be used to register players, coaches and team managers in WMYSA.  Directions for completing the form are located in each specific area.  Inform coaches, players and parents to read and complete the form carefully to avoid delays in processing the player / coach cards.  In particular, please note the following:

a.       The player / coach picture must be appropriately sized (the size of the shaded area on the form) and must show a frontal facial view of the player or coach.  Pictures where the player's or coach's face is too small will be rejected.

b.      For forms of players under age 18, make sure BOTH the player and the player's parent sign the forms.

Review forms for completeness, alphabetize them and submit to the Administrator along with the Roster Form by the deadline.  Incomplete registration forms will be returned to be completed. Age divisions shall consist of players who are, on August 1st: U19, U18, U17, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, and U9. Coaches must provide copies of coaching licenses if not previously on file. Players must provide copies of official birth certificates or acceptable alternatives if not previously on file. Certificates issued by hospitals are not acceptable.

Late Registrations

Registration forms submitted after the due date may be mailed or delivered to the WMYSA Administrator. A late fee will apply as of the date of the coaches’ meeting. Contact the WMYSA Administrator if questions.

Medical Release Forms

A medical release form must be filled out by every player.  The coach must have these forms at every practice and game in case of injury.  Clubs may choose the medical release form the wish to use.  Do not submit with registration forms.

Procedure for Adding a Player or Coach

A player may be added to a team at any time during a year, unless registration has been closed.  A club wishing to add a player to a team may do so if there are less than the player maximums specified in Section D. Otherwise, the club must first release a player for every player it wants to add. The MSYSA Player Release form must be used for players. Coaches may be added only up to the cutoff date set by MSYSA each season and must have current risk management certification. An added coach may be carded only if the team is below the 3 adult card limit or if another coach is dropped.

Transferring a Player

To transfer a player from one club to another in a different league, a MSYSA Player Transfer Form must be used.  MSYSA approval is required. Players may transfer between WMYSA teams between sessions of a seasonal year without specific MSYSA approval. There is a limit of 3 transfers per team per year. (Per MSYSA Rule 3.6.B.5 eff. 1/07)

Procedure for Dropping a Player or Coach

A Player Release Form must be filed with and approved by MSYSA to drop a player from a roster. If the request for release is coming from the player and his/her parent or guardian, the release will be considered VOLUNTARY. If the coach is requesting the release, the release will be considered INVOLUNTARY. The coach must have a valid reason for the release as specified on the form. Coaches may be dropped upon request to the WMYSA Administrator and return of the current pass card.

USYSA and MSYSA Forms and Related Procedures

MSYSA Player Release Form

This form must be completed by a player or coach requesting a player release. Rules defining voluntary and involuntary releases are stated on the form.  A player request for release will be granted automatically by MSYSA. A request by a coach for a player release will be approved only for valid reasons.

MSYSA Player Transfer Form

This form is necessary if a player is transferring from one MSYSA team to another. Each team may roster during a seasonal year only two players who have obtained player transfers from other MSYSA teams. Transfers may only be done between the fall and spring seasons. MSYSA approval is not required for transfer between two teams within WMYSA.

MSYSA Dual Registration Form

This form is required for approval of a player to play on two teams registered with MSYSA. Both teams must sign off and one team must be indicated as the primary team for State Cup play. MSYSA will only approve dual registrations during those periods specified on the current form or on the MSYSA website.

USYSA Permission to Travel Packet

There are 2 to 5 forms required if a team plans to play soccer in another state.  Directions for completing and processing these forms are included in the packet from MSYSA. When needed, the forms should be downloaded from the msysa.net website. Permission to travel may now be completed online at msysa.net.

Official League Roster

This roster is required as part of the Permission to Travel process and for most or all tournaments.  The roster is produced by WMYSA and must be signed or stamped by the WMYSA Registrar/Administrator. WMYSA will provide at least one official roster to every team prior to the beginning of each season and a second copy to each club representative. Rosters will be updated whenever there is a roster change. Emergency copies may be obtained by contacting the WMYSA Administrator. 

MSYSA Guest Player Roster

A player who plays for a team in a tournament but is not registered on that team for league play is considered a guest player.  A coach must obtain the official roster for the guest player from the player’s regular team. A Guest Player Roster Form must be filed with MSYSA and receive approval. A player who has not been on another MSYSA team must obtain a tournament-only player card from MSYSA. This process may be completed online at msysa.net.

Risk Management Forms

Application for MSYSA risk management cards should be done online at the msysa.net website. Renewal of cards upon expiration should also be done online at msysa.net. MSYSA charges a fee which will be paid by WMYSA  only if the WMYSA passcode is entered during the application process. The passcode is available from club reps or from the WMYSA Administrator. Upon approval, risk management cards are sent to applicants via e-mail to be printed.

All MSYSA forms are available on the msysa.net website. They may also be obtained from the WMYSA Administrator.




Revised: August 2007


Addendum: Copies of the following more frequently used reports and forms are included as an addendum to these Rules and Regulations.

WMYSA Commitment Statement*
Team Lineup and Official Referee Report
Coach’s Referee Evaluation
WMYSA Game Reschedule Report
MSYSA Player Release Form
MSYSA Player Transfer Form
MSYSA Dual Registration Form


*WMYSA Commitment Statement:

“Our club hereby applies for registration in the West Michigan Youth Soccer Association league (WMYSA).  Our club Bylaws are based upon and do not conflict with the MSYSA Bylaws.  We agree to adhere to and support the MSYSA Constitution and Bylaws, Playing Rules and Regulations, and Policies and Procedures, and fee structure set forth by the WMYSA and MSYSA.  We further understand failure to comply with Small-Sided Games within the WMYSA league will result in forfeiture of our club’s ability to participate in all MSYSA state-run, sanctioned, and sponsored tournaments and programs.”

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