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WMYSA Vision for going from Good to Great
Some notable aspects include-
        The new plan calls for a closer relationship between WMYSA and TKO, as well as among all WMYSA Clubs, to make WMSYA a great place to play soccer, and make sure every player finds a place to play with great coaching and great competition at an affordable cost. Player training is the top goal of all WMYSA clubs and TKO will help improve coaching and training.
        WMYSA is aligned with MSYSA and USYSA, and promotes the US Youth Soccer pyramid structure with larger numbers of players competing at normal levels of competition, and fewer players at progressively higher levels, based on what statisticians call the "normal distribution" of player capabilities.
        The elimination of geographic boundaries allows any player to play for any club they want. Players are encouraged to play for their home club, and most players likely will (to practice closer to home and play with classmates at school), but they aren't required to. Healthy competition between clubs will encourage all clubs everywhere to be responsive to player needs.
        A WMYSA coordinator (Sarah Hoard) will work with all clubs during (and immediately after) tryouts to help combine "half teams" as appropriate, and take care of extra players here and there to make sure all travel-caliber players find a place to play as close as possible to their home.
        TKO will be the premier partner of WMYSA. TKO will be more involved in helping the clubs improve coach and player training, while the clubs will encourage premier-caliber players to try out for TKO if they're interested. TKO recognizes WMYSA as the feeder system for them, and WMYSA recognizes that the very best players can benefit greatly from a good TKO experience.
        WMYSA will be more involved in communications, including getting the word out about the advantages of playing for WMYSA/TKO where over 2200 players have the opportunity to play at whatever level is appropriate for their skills and interests, whether it be an "A" or "B" league, the "Elite" league (with the best teams from WMYSA, GVSA, and CASL), or Premier (with the best teams from across the state). By having by far the largest number of teams right here in SW Michigan, WMYSA offers excellent competition with many different teams within minimal driving times.
        The WMYSA league has a strong history of good organization in terms of scheduling games and arranging for fields and referees. There is nothing more frustrating that having your team & parents arrive for a game to find out it was cancelled, or to have your scheduled games for the season change after you've already made plans around them. WMYSA has years of experience and good administration that appreciates that many families have activities outside of soccer that also need to be balanced.
        The advantages of small-sided soccer for younger teams will be promoted. Kids progress faster, and have more fun, when they touch the ball more often during games. Good skills development at younger ages pays rich dividends by the time the player reaches U13, and there are still plenty of important elementary tactics to learn on the smaller fields. Even though the evidence is strong that small-sided soccer is better for the kids, U12 teams that really want to play 11v11 have the option to register as, and play in the U13 league, and these youth will still progress and have fun.
        WMYSA will offer a U-9 league in the fall of 2006, and there are discussions of offering U-8 sometime in the future, and/or offering a Player Academy for these young players depending on what MSYSA rolls out, perhaps structured the way the academy is being set up in Indiana,. Youth U12 and younger are encouraged to continue to play AYSO soccer, especially at the younger ages, because besides having fun doing what they like to do, playing AYSO at the same time they play travel helps keep their confidence level high during these transition years.
        Tryout announcements for all WMYSA clubs will be promoted together. TKO tryouts will usually begin June 15 (as early as permitted by MSYSA rules), and most of the travel clubs will have their tryouts the following week, as has been traditional for many years.
        A new WMYSA web site will be launched in the spring of 2006.

As summarized by Gil Urban of SW Michigan (WMYSA board member and leader of the Vision subcommittee): "To improve requires change and to be perfect requires continuous change. We are embarking on a new path. There will be change and there will be continuous change as we strive toward our goals." The Vision document was approved by the WMYSA board as a map for the way forward, and WMYSA along with the clubs are now in the implementation phase.

These changes will be good for all the member clubs of WMYSA, which in turn will make WMYSA a better place to play. All players and parents are enouraged to learn more about the many choices available to them, and choose the option that best fits their goals and their family lifestyle.
Posted on 30 May 2006 by cwarner
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