West Michigan Youth Soccer Association

Elite Scheduling Process

Once teams have been approved for the Elite Division, GVSA will  establish the matchups.  Once finalized, GVSA will then post these matchups to their website at www.GVSoccer.org. WMYSA will notify Elite teams the matchups have been posted and that they may begin the self-scheduling process.  Since these divisions may not be posted all at once, if you go to GVSA Schedules & Standings page you may find your match ups have been posted which will give you a jump start on self-scheduling. 

The team contacts are available on the site.  The deadline for game data submission will go out in an email to all WMYSA teams and also be posted on the WMYSA website.  The home team is expected to contact the opposing team to find an agreed date/time to play. Once the matchup is agreed, use the form below to report the data to WMYSA.  After the submission deadline, WMYSA sends all game information to GVSA for input into their system.  So coaches/managers should verify the data entered into the WMYSA schedule after submission and then again on the GVSA website once they have them updated in their system.

Elite Scheduling Submission Form