West Michigan

Youth Soccer Assoc.

All teams playing in WMYSA must be a part of a club within the WMYSA boundaries. No exceptions will be made. The application is submitted through the GotSoccer Team account.  So you will need to know the Username and Password in order to complete the process. If you do not have this information, your club registrar or president should be able to get you the information.

Important dates:

Deadlines ~ Fall Commitments are due by July 5th & Spring Commitments are due by January 5th. Teams not submitted by the deadline may not be added to the league divisions.

Season time frames:



Season typically starts the weekend after Labor Day and runs 8 weeks.




Season typically starts the 3rd weekend in April and ends the 1st weekend in June.


WMYSA does not schedule games during Memorial weekend.


If Easter falls inside this time, WMYSA does not schedule games on Easter Sunday; however, games may be scheduled on Saturday and blackout dates may be reduced.


Keep State Cup and Jr. State Cup dates in mind for your blackout dates.These are considered part of your blackout ~ tournament dates you need off.

Keep the following in mind while completing the online registration link:


Use your TEAM ACCOUNT login


The Review & Update Information page opens. This should be a REVIEW only. If the club name or team name are not correct, please contact your Club Registrar or President to have them update/correct the information at the club level.


Event Registration Commitment Information:


To be placed into the spring season, you MUST meet the minimum roster requirement policy.


Primary Home Team Field: Which complex location is this team playing?


Head Coach integration is for coaches who are the head coach for multiple teams within WMYSA. If a team is in an Elite Division with Self Scheduling, then they are not part of the integration process.


Age Division of Play – this is the Division level you want to play – not necessarily the roster age of the team.


Level of Play – this lists all potential division levels:

i.      Elite is the top interleague division for U12 and older.

ii.     C is rarely used, but signifies the team wants to play in the lowest division possible.


If your team needs a blackout date for any reason, this would be “Yes.” Reasons to think about needing blackout dates: tournament, school events (track meets, prom, graduation), church events (confirmation, 1st communion) where a significant number of players on the team would not be able to come on the particular date. Limit will be 3 for the spring since Easter is already set in the system as a blackout date.


Schedule Requests – for blackout dates, you need to click on the date. It will come up with red lines across the date to indicate the team cannot participate in any WMYSA games on this date.


Contact Information – should have the coach information and contact person information already populated. Please update any information to make sure WMYSA and opponents have a way to make contact with the team.


Application Agreement – check box indicating you agree the team is forming and planning to play this 2014 Spring Season, if the team drops then there can be WMYSA sanctions and fines.


Submit Application – once you click on the Submit button, you have completed the Commitment process which includes the Division Placement