West Michigan

Youth Soccer Assoc.

                                         Game Day



Each team is required to print their copy of the Game Report Sheet and turn into the Referee at every game. 


The forms are found with your schedule in the GotSoccer Team Account.  You need to hand write up to 3 Pass Players at the bottom of the list as well as crossing out the absent players.  You will need to let both the opponent and referee know if you have Pass Players


Logging In

1.      Go to www.GotSoccer.com

2.      At the top right is a login button which then opens to a screen with multiple account type logins.

3.      Click on Team Login (Left side)

4.      Enter TEAM account user ID and password in the login screen



Finding & Printing the Game Report Sheet

5.      Click on Event Name (2017 Spring Schedule WMYSA)

6.      Click on Schedule Tab in middle  

Click on the Game # to the left of game sheet needed

8.      Game sheet will download in PDF                                         

9.      Print


Make sure you give the referee the WMYSA Game Report sheet. CROSS OUT THE NAMES OF PLAYERS AND COACHES WHO ARE NOT PRESENT! This is especially important in 13U and older age groups, as teams may register up to 22 players, but only 18 may dress for a game. It is also to ensure suspended players and coaches are not participating. If a name is not crossed out, we assume the Player/Coach participated in the game.  If you have any Pass Players, they must be written at the bottom of the list.  You must notify the opposing coach as well as the Center Referee of the use of Pass Players.


All adults present on the sideline must be in possession a WMYSA Pass Card showing their Risk Management information. The Risk Management cannot be expired. If an adult does not have this, he/she will not be allowed to participate under any circumstance. There must be at least one rostered adult coach present during the game. If not, the game shall not be played, the Refs will be paid and the absence of a Coach reported to WMYSA.


If a player is not listed on your official GotSoccer roster, then they are not a legal player for your team.  This is the roster which is in the document tab of your team account and has Gil Urban’s signature (league registrar/administrator).  The names of all legally rostered players will also show up on the Game Day Report sheet. 


At the end of the game, when signing the Game Report sheet - make sure the goals scored are correct, as well as the final score and any cards issued before signing it. Since the game report is the only official documentation for the game, any suspensions for Red or Yellow cards as well as the official score are based on this.


Each team’s coach is responsible for making sure all player suspensions are served. While we try to notify each club of all suspensions it is the responsibility of each coach to know the rules and enforce them!


After the game, post the result at once on the website:


Elite teams should report scores in GotSoccer for all of their games since GVSA & CASL teams do not have the Event ID and PIN to enter scores as well as reporting the score as a winner in GVSA on their website at www.GVSoccer.org.


ü  The winning (home team in event of tie) coach / manager must report the game score to the statistician through the WMYSA GotSoccer reporting procedure.


ü Any game score not reported within 10 days by the winning team will be recorded as a 0 - 0 draw ~ no exceptions. If there is a question about a reported score, the Game Report Sheet submitted by the referee will stand as the official and final score.


Payment for officials as follows

The home team is to pay the referees based on the below table.  The home team has been supplied a stamped envelope which also is given to the center referee for turning in the Game Sheets into WMYSA.  If you loose an envelope, the address is listed on the game sheet in the instructions section (10346 Lloy Street, Portage, MI 49024).


Age Bracket

Fees (1 referee)

Fees (3 referees)







U11, U12


$30.00 / $25.00 / $25.00

U13, U14


$40.00 / $30.00 / $30.00

U15, U16


$45.00 / $35.00 / $35.00

U17, U18, U19


$50.00 / $40.00 / $40.00





If one of the assistant referees does not show, the center official does not receive additional compensation. If neither assistant referee shows, the center official should be paid at the rate of the single official listed above. Also, if one of the assistant referees does not show, use a club assistant referee or club linesman, with the single assistant referee calling offside on one end and the center referee calling offside on the end with the club assistant referee or club linesman. Referees should be paid prior to the start of the game.





Format & Length of Game


9U & 10U Format

7  v  7 format

25 Minute Halves


11U & 12U Format

9  v  9 format

30 Minute Halves


13U Format

11  v  11 format

35 Minute Halves


15U Format

11  v  11 format

40 Minute Halves


High School Format

11  v  11 format

45 Minute Halves




 Entering Scores:  Smart Phone or Computer



You can enter scores from your smart phone or home computer:

       A.     Go to www.GotSoccer.com

       B.     Click on the Scoring link



  1.      Enter your event id and pin from your game card, just as you would for the phone in service.

                  1.         Event ID:        57110

                  2.         Pin:                  6789


  1.       Click Go



          E.          Enter your game number and press Go  

           F.         Next click on the Home team box

          G.        Enter the score

          H.        Click on the Away team box

          I.          Enter the score

         J.          Press Save



Entering Scores Using Telephone


A.    Dial:     904 758-0875

B.     Press 1 to update records

C.     Enter Event ID:     57110#

D.    Enter Pin:              6789 #

E.     Enter Game plus #

F.      To enter Scores, press 1

G.    Enter home team score, press #

H.    Enter away team score, press #

I.        To Save scores press 1 or to Cancel press 2

J.       Once you press 1:  message ~ thank you game records have been updated.