West Michigan

Youth Soccer Assoc.

WMYSA Rules and Regulations 

The WMYSA Rules and Regulations are the operation rules for participating in the West Michigan Youth Soccer Association
WMYSA Rules and Regs click here
ver 5.17  (revised May 25, 2017)
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Recently added into version 9.16:

Section A
Tryouts dates for all teams sponsored by WMYSA’s for the fall and or/spring seasons may not be held prior to the date assigned by MSYSA. 

Section C
Coach license recommendations and reimbursement.
Number of registered team officials
Coach and Mangers requirement for CDC Concussion training through GotSoccer account 

Section D
Player registration year of birth
Play Up up two age divisions. No three play ups in WMYSA.

Section F
Offside rule in U9 and U10 divisions

Section J
Insurance claim timeline

Section M
Rescheduling at remote sites conditions

Section P
WMYSA will place a generic tryout ad covering all WMYSA sponsored clubs in the MSYSA tryout edition.

Section N
Teams may practice as frequently as they wish. Teams may have as many inter-squad scrimmages as they wish. It is recommended  U7 & U8 Academy teams practice no more than once per week.

Referee Small Sided Rule: WMYSA Rule Highlights for 2017 Spring - CLICK HERE

WMYSA, for 2016-2017 season will waive the $25 transfer fee for U15 players who play in their off season on a U15 Team playing in U14/U15 division and wants to transfer to the older team playing in the combined U15/U16 division.