West Michigan

Youth Soccer Assoc.

Player Secondary Medical Insurance

For secondary insurance:

MSYSA provides secondary medical insurance for players injuries occurring in sanctioned activity.  The intent of MSYSA insurance is to be supplement to the primary insurance.  If primary insurance does not exist one should still proceed with MSYSA insurance claim process. 


1.      All injury claims are handled directly by MSYSA (Michigan State Youth Soccer Association). WMYSA requests a courtesy notification for injuries requiring medical care, to the WMYSA Administrator within 72 hours of the injury.  All injuries from MSYSA or US Youth Soccer activities must be reported, in writing, to both the member organization and MSYSA via phone or email within 7 days.  For insurance claims contact Josh Sherman at MSYSA jsherman@michiganyouthsoccer.org.


2.      All claims are required to first be made through member's primary insurance carrier prior to being submitted to MSYSA. Any claims not submitted to MSYSA within 30 days will be denied. Additional information can be found at http://www.michiganyouthsoccer.org


3.      Partial MSYSA Insurance Claim Checklist (as of 9/15/14) 

a.             Claimant must be registered at time the injury took place

b.            Claimant's injury must have taken place on an insured field location

c.             Claim form must be submitted and received by MSYSA State Office no later than 30 days from date of injury. Once the actual claim is filed with MSYSA, an adjuster is assigned and communication between the parties exists on the need for multiple visits, surgery down the road, additional treatments, etc. Payment will be made for any expenses incurred up to 104 weeks from the date of injury.

d.            $500 deductible applies for all eligible claims