West Michigan

Youth Soccer Assoc.

Goal Safety

Safety of players is very is a high priority priority for WMYSA.  It is critical that Clubs and Coaches are aware and diligent about Goal Safety.  Before each game please monitor the goals to assure that they are properly secured.  If not secured please find a means to secure before the match is played.

Please use the MSYSA goal safety information to guide your actions. Michigan State Youth Soccer Goal Safely Information Click Here

Soccer Goal Dangers

A gust of wind…a young player…an uneven playing field…In their current design, only 22 pounds of force can bring a 400-pound goal crashing down, injuring – even killing – a player.   We as parents, coaches, referees, and administrators need to make sure soccer goals are secured.  DON'T THINK SOMEONE ELSE HAS CHECKED ... YOU SHOULD CHECK YOURSELF!

Soccer Goal Deaths and Serious Injuries - click here for details

Anchor for Safety website which has all types of goal safety information was an outcome of Zach being killed by a falling goal - click here to go to the site

This 5 minute video will share the story of Zach who was killed by a falling over un-anchored goal