West Michigan

Youth Soccer Assoc.

WMYSA Premier Sponsorship Policy

WMYSA recognizes that the recommendation for premier sponsorship is a club leadership responsibility. It is the clubs that need to review their teams application and advise the team if MSPSP is right for them.

As clubs are making this decision they need to be aware that WMYSA has select and elite divisions and as teams are submitted for MSPSP it reduces the teams for the local competitive leagues. Elite division is intended to provide a level of competition similar to MSPSP classic 2 or 3 level but with less travel.

Therefore, for WMYSA club's that meet the criteria for sponsorship:

1) Have a minimum of 4 teams playing in WMYSA Select or Elite

2) Have paid their WMYSA pre and post season invoices in a timely fashion. WMYSA will not sponsor any teams into MSPSP if there is an outstanding unpaid invoice. If there are items under review then the balance of the invoice must have been paid.

3) Have paid all MSPSP fines / fees from previous season. WMYSA will not sponsor any teams into MSPSP if there is an outstanding unpaid invoice. 

If criteria met then WMYSA will sponsor to MSPSP all returning premier teams and new premier teams that the club recommends by submitting their Application/Sponsorship request to WMYSA by June 20th and December 10th.

If the club does not meet the 4 teams playing in WMYSA requirement or has not paid their previous season invoice then they must submit an exception request for sponsorship form. This form will require explanation of why WMYSA should grant the request. The club needs to explain why the club doesn't have 4 teams playing in WMYSA and what if any plans there are for 4 teams in the future. The club needs to explain why there is an outstanding invoice. Based on WMYSA review a decision will be made on sponsorship. If sponsorship exception request is granted then the full MSPSP fee must be paid before the sponsorship will be submitted to MSPSP.

The review of most applications can be done by the Administrative team. Those requiring board review will be done by calling a special review meeting so a prompt decision can be made.

WMYSA Board of Directors  (2017)

WMYSA Premier Sponsorship Form New Team (All teams in the Fall are consider New Team) and Returning Team (Spring Season Returning Team from fall)