West Michigan

Youth Soccer Assoc.

Calendar Birth Year Teams

WMYSA is reviewing the recently announced US Soccer and MSYSA requirements for year of birth teams starting in the 2016-2017 seasonal year.   

Communication of details of Calendar Birth Year and other US Soccer changes will be communicated via email direct to clubs in late September.  A Club president's meeting was held January 7th to have dialogue about these changes.  

MSYSA and MSPSP are making rule changes to accommodate the new calendar year of birth teams

WMYSA has adjusted some of its rules to better accommodate the calendar year of birth teams.   

US Soccer New Age Group Chart - Click Here

Small Sided Soccer Standards

US Soccer has published small sided soccer standards detailing the number of players on the field, the size of the field, and special items such as Build Out Lines.  You will begin to see these standards implemented in 2016 fall seasons.   

WMYSA has already implemented U8 playing 4 v 4, U9/U10 playing 7 v 7, and U11/12 playing 9 v 9.  WMYSA will be upgrading the Academy to use the proper 4 x 6 goals which are the US Soccer standard for U6 thru U8 soccer. Certain field locations maybe modifying their size of field and goal per the standard, some fields may have build out lines marked so your U9/U10 players know where they are allowed to be when the goal keeper has the ball. 

MSYSA Player Delevopment Initiative presentation describes the why and what of the standards - Click Here