West Michigan

Youth Soccer Assoc.

What type of GotSoccer accounts are there?

GotSoccer is setup so you need a specific type of account for each group.


Organization which is the access for the Club level.This for the Board Members.


Player which is for any player.This is for a specific person. If the player changes clubs, they should continue to use the same GotSoccer player account [single username and password login].


Coach which is for any Coach or Assistant Coach. This is for a specific person. No matter how many teams you are coaching, you should only have ONE Coach Account [single username and password login].


Team Official/Manager which is for any manager.This is for a specific person.No matter how many teams you manage, you should only have ONE Manager Account [single username and password login].


Team Account which is specific to a team within a club.Whenever a team is registering for events (tournaments and league play), they should consistently use this GotSoccer account.It will keep all of the team history for rankings and can automatically generate your roster for tournaments.

How do I get my GotSoccer Account?

There are different methods for creating accounts in GotSoccer. If you are new, like players, coaches and managers will need to create a new account.  Since there are different ways to create the account, contact your club to help setup your account. For board members, coaches, managers and players, the methods include having the club create the account and sending login information or the club sending a registration link for you to create the account. Whichever method the club uses, they can walk you through the process to use. After the account is created, you can follow the steps in obtaining Risk Management.

For your team account, the Club must create your team account and give you the login information. WMYSA uses a Team Naming Standard for the clubs to follow.  

What will I use my GotSoccer account for?

For coaches and managers, your GotSoccer account is used to register you as a member of a team.  You may also use this account to register for WMYSA training classes, MSYSA/USSF classes for a license as well as taking and tracking CDC-Concussion training certificates.  

The most important features of your coaches and managers account will be to verify your background check and Risk Management approval.  MSYSA has moved to an annual system.  If you do not have a current and valid Risk Management approval in your GotSoccer account, then you cannot be rostered to a team; therefore, WMYSA is asking all coaches and managers to submit background checks in late June/early July to ensure you are not removed from a team mid-season due to a lapse in risk management coverage.

The CDC - Concussion training 

The Team Account is what is used to submit the Team Commitment to WMYSA for playing league games, registering the team for Official Rosters, applying to some tournaments.  This is also the account used to find your team schedule and history of events and rosters.