West Michigan

Youth Soccer Assoc.

Pass Card System ~ Player Pass


Concept ~The PCS provides an environment where coaches may move players within their own club during the season. This will:


Allow coaches the opportunity for development of multiple players.


Allow players the opportunity to experience a higher level of competition.


Allow for a larger pool of players to fill team needs.


Eligibility ~ A PCS player may only be used within their own club where they are rostered as a primary player during WMYSA league sponsored game. Teams playing in Elite (Interleague play between GVSA, WMYSA & CASL) may utilize the PCS. No premier players may utilize the PCS from a MSPSP team to any WMYSA game. The PCS does not apply to tournaments, Region II, National Leagues, State Cup, non-sponsored MSPSP teams, etc.


Direction of Play ~ Direction of play is based upon both age and the division the player is rostered as a “primary player”. PCS players may only play at a “higher level” of competition; no more than up to two years from their official league age group through U14. U15 and older players may play up through U19 without age restrictions.


Additionally, PCS players may only play at a higher division of play than they are rostered as a “Primary Player”. For purposes of ranking division of play, WMYSA first looks at the division age. For example, U12 division is considered a lower division of play than an U13 division. Next we look at the division itself where we rank lowest to highest as being: Select C, Select B, Select A, Elite, Premier, etc.


For PCS purposes within a combined age division: WMYSA considers the division of play based on the higher of the two combined age divisions. For example: WMYSA PCS considers a U15/U16 Division as an U16 Division.




Teams may not utilize more than three PCS players a game.


Players may not utilize PCS more than twice a week. (Sun-Sat)


Players cannot play in more than two games in one day.




All PCS players must be counted towards the game day roster numbers.


Prior to start of game, coaches must inform the opposing team of the existence of PCS players.


PCS players must have their primary team card. They may not sign the back of the game day report.