West Michigan

Youth Soccer Assoc.

What is a blackout date?

Each team is given the opportunity to request to not play on specific dates within the normal WMYSA season. Due to limited time availability and field constraints, teams are typically not allowed to pick more than four (4) dates. These usually will be for weekends when a team plans to attend a tournament. Depending on the team age, some events to keep in mind are prom, formal school dances, first communion/church functions, team prefers not to play on a particular day of week and school sporting events involving several team members.

When do I need to have my blackout dates determined?

Your dates will need to be determined and entered into your team account by the deadline of Team Commitments. (Dates are July 5th for fall season and January 5th for spring season.)

How do I submit my blackout dates?

Most of the time, the blackout dates will be submitted during the submission of the GotSoccer Application for the current Team Commitment Event. For instructions as part of the Team Commitment procedure, please visit the website page Team Commitment.

If the team has submitted a Team Commitment and needs to update the blackout dates, they may be added through the GotSoccer Team Account. This option is only open until the commitment deadline date. At that time, the league will turn the calendar access off.

To make changes to the blackout dates through the Team Account, follow these steps

1.Login to team account

2.Go to the Schedule event you need to make blackout request. (usually formatted as Year Season Schedule WMYSA)

3.Next click on the Exception Requests tab

4.Go to the month you want to blackout a date and click on the small "X" in the top right corner of the date. It then will show up with red diagonal lines across the date and the date will show as a requested blackout date at the top.

5.If you want to take a date off the blackout list, simply go to the date, click on the "+" in the top right corner and the red diagonal lines disappear and the date is no longer on the list at the top.