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Concussion Information

As part of Michigan law, all adult participants, including coaches, assistant coaches, managers and volunteers of the organizing entity are required to complete an online training course. Most states have similar a similar law now in place. In fact, if your team participates in any out of state games, you may be asked to produce your training certificate and/or have players/parents sign off on their state form.

To help follow through with the law, WMYSA has elected to make taking the course directly through the individual GotSoccer account mandatory for all coaches and managers. The Heads-Up Concussion course must be taken by all coaches and managers directly through their GotSoccer account. This certificate can then be recorded, accessed and printed from the coach/manager account when needed.

If a player is diagnosed with a concussion or is experiencing concussion like symptoms, the “Medical Clearance to Return to Play” form must be filled out by a medical professional BEFORE returning to soccer. This form is also included in this communication. Once a concussion is suspected, the player must be removed immediately and kept out of all further games, practices, trainings etc. The State of Michigan law requires any player with a suspected or diagnosed concussion to follow the Return to Play procedures before being allowed to participate in practice or games. The Return to Play form needs to be signed by a Health Professional. Most doctors have the new legal information on hand and go through a checklist and multiple visits prior to allowing the player to be able to return to play. Once the player has the signed Return to Play form, they should give it to their team coach in order for verification to come back and then submitted into the Club board. The law indicates these forms need to be kept a minimum by the club until the player reaches the age of 18.

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How do I complete the Heads Up Concussion training in GotSoccer?


Login to Individual Coach/Manager account


In the black bar, click on Concussion Center


On the Information tab is a list of information about Concussion testing & training.You will need to click on the course:


This will then open up a course which is an interactive video.


During several points during the video, you will take short quizzes.


At the completion of the video, you will have an opportunity to print a certificate.Since you are doing it through GotSoccer, it will store it in the system for you to be able to print at a later date.


This will also record the CDC training in the main database which is required for all coaches in WMYSA before they will be rostered to a team starting in Fall 2016.

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