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Youth Soccer Assoc.

When should I be rescheduling/canceling a game?

If you have a conflict and would like to change a scheduled league game, you will need to complete the procedures below with a current season reschedule form. Please note games may only be rescheduled for valid reasons, such as a State Cup game, conflict with school or church activities affecting multiple players or all registered coaches and managers.  The WMYSA Rescheduling fees are based on a time frame, the sooner it is completed, the lower the cost.

What if there is severe weather?

The WMYSA policy states: If a severe weather “warning” or a tornado “warning” exists in the venue’s area during game time or 2 hours prior to or 1 hour after the scheduled game time, the venue’s management or either team’s coach may reschedule the game to an alternative time and/or date without concern of forfeiture. If referees are assigned to a match that falls under these conditions, they may also be excused from officiating. The venue management, coach or official that elects to cancel a game due to severe weather or tornado “warnings” must contact all other parties to inform them of their decision prior to game time.  This includes WMYSA Scheduler and opposing team contact.   

The home team should then initiate the Rescheduling process.  Under the reasons, it should indicate if the game was started and abandoned prior to the half or if it was canceled prior to a start and weather related.

What if we have an emergency?

On rare occasions, emergencies occur within a 48 hour window of a game and a team will need to reschedule.  In this instance, the opposing team and WMYSA Scheduler should be contacted immediately to make sure everyone is aware of a change.  Afterwards, the canceling team should work to reschedule as quickly as possible.   

How do we know the fields are available?

The home team should be aware of any restrictions for availability.  Many of the larger complexes are used by recreational leagues and not always available for WMYSA games.  [I.E.  River Oaks, Kalamazoo & Portage complexes are not available on Saturday prior to 3:00.]  If you are not sure contact your board to find out if there are any restrictions.  Some complexes have field coordinators who can check and the WMYSA scheduler can also help look into the availability.  There is also a Field Schedule link which lets you look at what WMYSA games have been scheduled on the fields.  Here is the link (note, games outside of WMYSA will not show up on this link):  http://events.gotsport.com/events/fields.aspx?EventID=57110&FieldID  

Steps to Reschedule a WMYSA League Game


Please note, there also is no guarantee with a game change referees will be available for the new date/time.

1.Contact the opposing team.

a.Coaches/Managers can be found by using the Chat in the Event Schedule tab. This will keep a running log of your conversation completely in GotSoccer.

b.On the Schedule page at the top right of each division is a list of Team Contact Info. This will give you the coach/manager contact email and phone information to make contact outside of GotSoccer.

2.Once you have an agreed date/time fill out the Reschedule Form.  

3.Submit form to WMYSA

4.Check GotSoccer for change

5.Payments are made to/thru the club.