West Michigan

Youth Soccer Assoc.


Premier Sponsorship Policy provides the description of the club foucused premier sponsorship process

Premier Sponsorship Policy

Severe Weather policy provides guidance to what to if there is forecast or actual occurrence of severe weather

Severe Weather Policy

Coach License/Certifications Recommendation and Reimbursement policy provides guidance to the WMYSA's clubs and coaches.  WMYSA club's have the responsibility to define coaching education requirements and enforcement for their club. The twice a year reimbursement process is defined in this policy. 

WMYSA Coach License & Reimbursement Policy 1.17 

Tournament Sponsorship policy provides guidance to the Executive Officers and Voting Board Members for the sponsorship of tournaments by the West Michigan Youth Soccer Association (WMYSA) for tournaments sanctioned by the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA). 

WMYSA Policy Document 01 - Tournament Sponsorship 

Club Coach Pass policy provides guidance to the WMYSA Member Club Presidents, WMYSA Administrators, and the WMYSA Board for issuing a Club Coach Pass and its administration with regards to use and function.

WMYSA Policy Document 02 - Club Coach Pass 

Substitution Guidelines policy provides guidance to the referees working WMYSA game(s) and/or the referee associations who assign games for WMYSA, WMYSA coaches, and the WMYSA Disciplinary Committee regarding the procedure for substitutions in games played at WMYSA venues.

WMYSA Policy Document 03 - WMYSA Substitution Guidelines