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This Parent & Player portal page is intended to provide you with information related to Parents & Players. This portal page will be expanded to meet your needs. As WMYSA learns of additional informational items you need we will add them here. This is your page so please let us know what you want. The best way to provide WMYSA your input is to click on Contact Us and provide us your feedback, suggestions, and comments.

WMYSA wants you to either find what you need on the HOME page with easy access or within the Parent Player portal page.

For example, at this time. the Home page left column has a few Parent & Player relevant links. These are either new items such as College Scholarship, Community Involvement, and Players Needed, or very frequently used links such as Field Maps, Forms, and Soccer Links. If you don't fine what you are looking for on the Home page hopefully you will find it within the Parent & Player portal page.

WMYSA is introducing a new benefit as being a registered Player in WMYSA

College Scholarship


This is targeting the WMYSA High School Age player. You can learn more about this program as defined. As information becomes available you will be able to review it on the Home Page.


WMYSA is also introducing Community Involvementinformation sharing. WMYSA wants to recognize Clubs and Teams who are giving back to make their community a better place. WMYSA will post these stories as they are provided to WMYSA by the club's representative.