West Michigan Youth Soccer Association

WMYSA invoices clubs four times annually. These invoices and statements will be sent each season by our Treasurer in the form of Preseason and Postseason invoices. The preseason statement is similar to a down payment which is estimated based on the total number of teams and the respective age division.  This is estimated at about 75% of a full team roster.  The PreSeason invoice is sent out in July for the Fall season and February for Spring seasons. Payments are expected to be made within 15 days of receipt.

Preseason rates will be as follows:

  • ​Fall/Spring New MSPSP Team: $625.00
  • Spring Returning MSPSP teams: $225.00
  • *Fall or Spring New WMYSA Select/ Elite U13 and older per team: $350
  • *Fall or Spring New WMYSA Academy thru Select/Elite U12 per team: $300

 Note * No preseason fees are charged for teams playing in the Spring which paid and played in the Fall.  Additionally, clubs placed in Bad Standing will be required to pay a maximum roster fee at the time team comitments are due.

The Post Season invoice and statement will be sent out electronically on or about June 20th for Spring season and November 15th for Fall season. This invoice will include a detailed breakdown of the actual costs for the entire season.  It will breakdown each of these costs associated with the individual teams to include but not limited to:

  1. Number of Players on each team
  2. Additional officials for each team
  3. Integration Requests
  4. Transfers/Releases
  5. Game Changes
  6. Late Fees
  7. Credits applied

The Postseason invoice will show the total amount due.  A statement will be included which the details the total balance due based on the seasonal costs and the preseason payment made.  Payments are expected to be made within 15 days of receipt.