West Michigan Youth Soccer Association

WMYSA takes very seriously all negative interactions between parents, players, coaches, spectators and officials. Despite efforts involving rule changes and increased communications, all too often someone seems to set off a chain of events which can escalate into something no one is proud to have been a part.

WMYSA is dedicated to providing an environment where the players are free to play and develop.  This is not possible when there are unnecessary distractions coming from the benches and even the spectator side of the field.  This behavior is discouraging officials from wanting to officiate and more importantly setting a bad example for the children to follow.

To address the ongoing issue WMYSA will be launching its Whisper Weekend© Campaign starting this fall.  This campaign will be broken down in two phases centered around the three principles of Respect, Recognition and Restraint.  Respect should be given to the officials, players and spectators at all times.  Recognize when you or others begin to show frustration.  Restrain yourself and help others to do the same when frustration sets in by whispering.

Phase 1:

  1. Incorporating the National Respect Campaign.  Officials will now rate each team, its players and spectators on a scale of 1-5 at each game based on sportsmanship.  Club averages will be posted on the website and clubs will be provided team breakdowns twice a season.                                                                                                                          
  2. To initiate our Whisper Weekend© on Friday evenings, emails will be sent to all clubs, coaches and families.  The website and social media will also be updated.  This information will include reminders to WHISPER frustration rather than vocalizing them where players and officials can hear them.  It will also include weekly rating scores, comments from officials and an overview of any incidents being investigated.                                                                
  3. Each team will be required to have a meeting with their parents where they must read over parent expectationsand sign off on it agreeing to abide by the expectations. Teams will then be required to upload the document to their team account for WMYSA verification.                                                                                                                                           
  4. WMYSA board members and staff will make more appearances at matches to monitor.                                              
  5. WMYSA will be offering free conflict resolution training to coaches and referees.                                                                
  6. WMYSA will be hosting parent webinars to learn how better deal with coach & game frustration

Phase 2:

  • Beginning Fall 2019 we will be utilizing Field Marshalls to help monitor games by focusing on the younger matches.