West Michigan Youth Soccer Association

Tryouts Dates: Tryouts for 2018-2019 seasons may not be held prior to Saturday, June 15, 2019.

Tryout dates must conform to the WMYSA guidance and the MSYSA Rules and Regulations. No more than two tryout locations may be used by an individual club during a year. All players must have an equal opportunity to tryout for a team. All tryouts are subject to the WMYSA guidance and MSYSA tryout date guidelines.

Tryouts for all WMYSA high school age boys' teams playing only in the spring season may be held from the date assigned by WMYSA for open tryouts until August 15th. Between this date and November 8th tyouts cannot be held. After this date tryouts can resume.

Conflicts over tryout dates or sites between clubs which are registering their teams with WMYSA for the coming year can be mediated by the league. WMYSA will not register any player from clubs which hold tryouts prior to the earliest MSYSA tryout date allowed.

Member Club Tryout Information

Member Club Tryout Information