West Michigan Youth Soccer Association

WMYSA basically offers three different levels of play.  If we have enough teams to do so we typically have both a Select A and Select B division. Starting at age twelve we also have another level called Elite. This is an interleague program with teams from GVSA (Grand Rapids), CASL (Lansing) and WMYSA. Typically the top teams from these leagues move into Elite to play each other.

Games within the Select level of play will play four home and four away games each season.  All games will be played within our geographic boundaries.  Travel time for away games can range from five minutes to one hour and twenty minutes.

Games played in the Elite level of play will also play four home and four away games each season. ‚Äč The only difference is the away games can be against opponents in one of three leagues.   Therefore, these games can range in travel time from five minutes to three hours as GVSA league boundaries go as far north as Cadillac.