West Michigan Youth Soccer Association

Once the players have been selected by the coach they will need to be registered to that team.   In order to play in WMYSA all teams must have players, coaches and managers properly registered.  Until the registration process by both the club and WMYSA is completed, they are not eligible to participate nor are they covered by MSYSA Insurance plan.  

Please note in order to be properly registered, several steps must occur using GotSoccer:

  1. All players for the team are listed on the team account roster.
  2. Players all submit current season club signed registration (electronically).
  3. Players must have either a verified (V) next to their name or have uploaded birth certificate for verification. 
  4. Players born outside of the United States must follow the International Clearance Process listed below.
  5. A minimum of a Head Coach has been linked to the team
  6. All coaches and managers must have completed Risk Management, CDC Concussion & Safe Sport Training.
  7. Uploaded photos for players and team officials are correct head/shoulder size & orientation.

Once the club registrar has ensured all the proper information has been entered, they will be ready to submit the team to the WMYSA registration event for the pass cards and official roster.  To do this they will need to know the name of the event being used and then follow these instructions. Once entered into the event, then the WMYSA Registrar responsible for the club will begin the certification process. They verify the remaining birth certificates, age of the players, number of players, online registration, CDC and Risk Management have been completed, head/shoulder photo. They will then have to freeze the roster in order to create the "official certified roster".  The certified roster  is actually a PDF document signed by the league and located in the team documents. 

All too often coaches and managers confuse what they see in the GotSoccer Team account with the official roster. When this occurs and the player who is not properly rostered plays, the team will be required to forfeit the game and the coach will be subject to possible disciplinary action.  Simply because you see them on the team roster tab in GotSoccer does not necessarily mean the registration process was finished.  Their name must appear on the pdf document (official roster) for them to be eligible to play,  Until this occurs their name will not be automatically generated to the game day sheets.  

​To look at your official roster go to your team account.   Once inside look for the tab at the top which says "Documents".  On the left hand side you will see all the official rosters and dates in which they were created by the league.   Please do not go by what you see on the Roster tab of your team account.  This may or may not be who is on the certified roster.  For example, a parent registers with a team late.  They upload the birth certificate and photo. The club registrar then notifies WMYSA the player is ready to be added.   At this moment the player will be showingon the Roster tab of the team account.  However, until the league registrar goes into the account to freeze and recertify, it they will not show on the official roster and are ineligible to play.


International Clearance:   Updated June 2018

Due to the changes associated with ITC requirements, an ITC is only required of those players registering within a club with a professional affiliation. In other words, the ITC process is no longer needed or required for any players registering with a club that does not have a professional affiliation.  

At this time no WMYSA clubs are affiliated with a professional club, so we do not need to have international clearance completed for players registering under WMYSA.  Any foreign-born players registering through WMYSA will have the documentation noted as such should the player later become associated with a professional affiliation.  This notation NO LONGER precludes the players from participating while waiting for U.S. Soccer to approve a clearance to play.

 ​Please also note:
·      Once a player has received international clearance, the process will not have to be repeated unless the player subsequently plays outside the United States.
·      US Soccer will update records within the NDC for those players who have previously obtained ITC.