West Michigan Youth Soccer Association

How to Become a Member Club

The WMYSA Board of Directors must approve all applications for new clubs to join the league. Clubs affiliated with WMYSA are expected to meet the following requirements. Exceptions may be granted only by specific vote of the WMYSA Board.

  1. You must be located within our league boundaries (see boundaries below)
  2. Your club should be working towards building to at least four teams. While WMYSA does not require a minimum number of teams in order to qualify to play in our league, we do require an intended growth plan.
  3. You must agree to hold open tryouts for the coming year. Tryout dates must conform to the WMSYA guidance and the MSYSA Rules and Regulations and be announced by May 1 of each year. No more than two tryout locations may be used by an individual club during a year.
  4. The deadline for applications for the Fall season is May 1st and for the Spring season it is November 1st.
  5. A club officer must submit the New Club Affiliation Agreement agreeing to abide by MSYSA and WMYSA Rules and Regulations as well as WMYSA Board policies and decisions. This will be done electronically.‚Äč
  6. You will need to provide WMYSA with a copy of your club by-laws and indicate your club's status as being for-profit or not-for-profit as well as your tax and incorporation status
  7. Once approved, you will need to utilize a GotSoccer Account created through WMYSA. In an on-going fashion, member clubs shall update GotSoccer club accounts providing contact information of all club officers and indicating the registrar/community representative to the league.
  8. Fulfillment of requirements 1 through 7 above combined with abiding by MSYSA and WMYSA Rules and Regulations during a current year shall be defined as being in good standing. Membership of clubs not in good standing may be reviewed by the WMYSA Board of Directors at any time and membership may be sanctioned or revoked at any time for failure to maintain good standing, although teams currently registered shall be allowed to complete any current seasonal competition

WMYSA League Boundaries

West Michigan Youth Soccer Association boundaries cover all or parts of Allegan, Barry, Berrien, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Kalamazoo, St Joe and Van Buren counties. More specifically we cover the geographical area that ranges:

  1. South of Allegan
  2. North of Indiana
  3. East of Lake Michigan
  4. West of Jackson and I27