West Michigan Youth Soccer Association

Premier (MSPSP)

Within the WMYSA league, players have the ability to develop through select, elite and Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP) within their local community.  MSPSP, more commonly referred to as Premier, is bigger and predominantly on the east side of the state. Because of its size, the competitive levels range from Classic Divisions (similar to Select/Elite) to Premier Divisions.  This arrangement is designed to offer a wide range of opportunity and options for players. Premier teams begin at age thirteen and are sponsored by WMYSA and are then governed by MSPSP.  WMYSA will provide premier sponsorship to teams from WMYSA clubs based on the following criteria.

WMYSA will offer automatic premier sponsorship for teams which have

  1. A club with a minimum of four teams playing in WMYSA (Select or Elite).
  2. Have paid their WMYSA pre-and post-season invoices in a timely fashion.
  3. Have paid all MSPSP fines/fees from previous season. 

WMYSA may grant premier sponsorship with a club for a team which does not meet the criteria listed above.  Factors which it will consider:

  1. Plan to expand number of teams for the club.  If approved, full premier fee must be paid to WMYSA at time of premier packet submission.
  2. Reason or justification for non-timely invoice payments.
  3. Amount and reason for outstanding MSPSP fees/fines. If approved WMYSA will require either proof of payment or full premier fee must be paid to WMYSA, which includes the MSPSP fees/fines at time of premier packet submission.

WMYSA will charge a fee for premier sponsorship which will cover the GotSoccer fees and administrative costs incurred as outlined on our fees page.   Teams wishing to be considered for Premier should go through their club.  Applications will be accepted twice annually.

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