West Michigan Youth Soccer Association

WMYSA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Communications, Disciplinary Chair, Clinic Coordinator and two At-Large Members. This group in conjunction with our small paid administrative team regularly reviews rules, regulations and fees for consistency and to ensure they do not conflict with our core mission.

Consistency, fair play and sportsmanship are the key elements targeted in our review as we strive for high quality, competitive and fair soccer for youth in West Michigan. Within the context of this broad principle, the Board may interpret the rules and regulations with discretion where appropriate.  Potential disciplinary violations are reviewed by the Disciplinary Investigative Committee.  This committee is made up of the President, Vice President and Administrative Team.  If sanctions are imposed by the Disciplinary Investigative Committee the individual will have the right to reject the assigned sanction and request the violation be referred to the Disciplinary Review Board instead. The authority of the Disciplinary Investigative Committee extends to:

  • Dismiss complaints they feel do not violate WMYSA rules and regulations or do not have sufficient evidence to substantiate.
  • Issue forfeits and warnings to first time offenders.
  • Refer the complaint/violation to be heard by the Disciplinary Review Board.  

‚ÄčThe Disciplinary Review Board will hear all complaints and allegations submitted to the board from the Disciplinary Investigative Committee. The committee will be chaired by the Disciplinary Chair and have at least two other board members or board members from clubs participating in WMYSA.  To maintain impartiality, no member of the Disciplinary Investigative Committee who took part in the investigation may be part of the Disciplinary Review Board.  This board will have the authority to:

  • Dismiss the allegations.
  • Assign forfeits, assess fees and suspensions as they see fit in accordance with WMYSA rules and regulations.

Those found guilty by the WMYSA Disciplinary Review Board have the right to appeal their decision.   This can be done by sending the reason for the appeal to the WMYSA President within 10 days.  If you wish to appeal that decision, you can then appeal this to the MSYSA Discipline and Appeals Committee per MSYSA Rules, Regulations, and Policies Rule 5.2.  Please note, typically rule violations which do not violate a participant’s right to participate (e.g. Coach is suspended from WMYSA activities, but is still eligible to participate in GVSA, etc.) are not appealable to the State Association (or next level of authority)