West Michigan Youth Soccer Association

Licensing Requirements
Member clubs are responsible for selecting their coaches. For their first season, it is recommended Head Coaches have at least a USSF 'F' license or its equivalent youth level course from NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) as well as registered with MSYSA. It is also recommended head coaches work to obtain their USSF "E" license or its equivalent youth level course from NSCAA. If the head coach is not at least 18 years of age, an adult team official must be also be registered on the team. (Please see WMYSA website for licensing equivalence and reimbursement policy.)

Game Day & Roster Limits
A team U9 thru U19 must register one head coach plus up to four assistant coaches and/or managers to a team with WMYSA. A maximum of 5 individuals per team may be issued WMYSA pass cards and be listed on the certified USYSA roster. The fourth and fifth assistant coach/manager will be assessed a registration fee. A maximum of three registered individual team officials with pass cards issued for the specific team by WMYSA may be on the coaching sidelines during games. At least one registered coach or manager with the specific team or holding a WMYSA club pass card must be on the coaching sidelines for a game to start or continue.

Risk Management
All coach, assistant coach, team trainer, team manager, board member, contract labor employee, or any other individual over the age of 18 seeking affiliation with MSYSA or MSYSA affiliated leagues who has direct or indirect contact or influence on a youth player.coaches and managers are required to have sucessfully completed all risk management requirmenst prior to working with children. This risk management assesment consist of three parts: a background check, CDC Heads Up Concusion training and Safe Sport training. Both the background check and Safe Sport are annual requirmenst. These risk management requirments are maintained through your individual Coach/Manager account. Do NOT create a general GotSoccer user account, this will not have MSYSA's background check information. Your account must be created through your club. Please contact your club if you don't have an account.

WMYSA no longer supplies a voucher for your annual background check. Please contact your club registrar/administrator/DOC for your club's policy & procedure. The background check cost cannot be submitted for reimbursement.

Click here for instructions for submitting risk management via GotSoccer.

Coach Licensing Reimbursement

WMYSA does not have a licensing requirement for its coaches. Therefore, it is recommended clubs should set their own coaching education requirements. WMYSA strongly recommends the first-year head coach have a minimum of United Soccer Coaches (USC) Foundations of Coaching Diploma. WMYSA also strongly recommends second year head coach in U9 thru U12 age division complete USC 7v7/9v9 Diploma Course. Coaches coaching U13 and older , we recommend completing USC Pre-National 11v11 Diploma. Reimbursement is available to clubs for coaches who successfully complete specific USSF or NSCAA Coaching Education courses.

A. Reimbursement Process
  1. Reimbursement submittals will be accepted by WMYSA twice annually, April and October. April submissions must be for courses completed between October 1 of the previous year and April 30th. October submissions must be for courses completed between April 1st and October 31st of the current year.
  2. Clubs must fill out the reimbursement request form and submit it along with copies of the Certificate of completion to their respective WMYSA Registrar. Once approved WMYSA will apply the credit to the club's season ending invoice.
  3. WMYSA does not reimburse coaches directly. Coaches should check with their respective club to determine their specific policy
  4. A club can only be reimbursed once per coach for each given Diploma. Once reimbursed for a certification, WMYSA will not reimburse for future equivalent level courses. Reimbursement for successful coaching education courses is done based on the below levels.
B. Coaching Reimbursement Levels
Level I Diploma
Level II Diploma
Level III Diploma
I-A: USC Foundation of Coaches
I-B: USC 4x4
I-C: USC 7v7
I-D: USC 9v9
I-E: USC Goalkeeper Level 1
II-A: USC Goalkeeper Level 2
​II-B: USC Pre-National 11v11
III-A: USC Director of Coaching
C. WMYSA will reimburse the following
Level I

I-A: USC Foundation of Coaches Diploma: $12.50
USC 4v4: $22.50

I-C: USC 7v7: $32.50
I-D: USC 9v9 : $32.50

I-E: USC Goalkeeper Level 1: $32.50
Level II
II-A: USC Goalkeeper Level 2: $32.50
II-B: USC Pre-National 11v11: $55.00
Level III
III-A: USC Director of Coaching Diploma: $187.50

​ * For this program WMYSA will only reimburse 1 coach per club every 3 years.