West Michigan Youth Soccer Association

Risk Management background check is an annual requirement for adults who have direct or indirect contact or influence on a youth player involved with our league. This includes but may not be limited to all coaches, assistant coaches, team trainers, team managers, board members, contract labor employee, or any other individual over the age of 18 involved in these areas.

In order for a coach or manager to be on a team roster, they must have a current risk management verification on file. Once the risk management expires, those coaches and managers names will automatically be removed from the team rosters.

What to expect: Once you've established a Gotsoccer account, log in and on the grey toolbar at the top, select "Background Checks" (in white text). Press the grey "Submit New Report" button will begin the application. Fill out all required fields with LEGAL identification information. Upon submission of your application, you will have the ability to view the status as it is processed.

The background check usually comes back within a few hours. However, at times, it may take approximately 1-3 business days to completed. You can check your status by logging back into you GotSoccer individual account and clicking the "Background Checks" button. Once your status reads Approved in green, you may print your RM card (via the PDF link labeled "Print Card"). The "Report Number" indicated is also your RM number. Please note that Risk Management certification is valid for one year. The Report Number or "RM" number will change each time you recertify or reapply.

Risk Management Background Check Disqualification Criteria

The Risk Management (RM) Committee will make all initial decisions pertaining to an individual's eligibility to participate with the MSYSA. The Risk Management Committee has the authority to immediately disqualify an individual based on the results of any criminal history background check(s). The RM Committee also has the authority to obtain more information on questionable or serious offenses and convictions based on the results of any criminal history background check(s).

The RM Committee consists of:

Tom Faro, Risk Management Committee Chairman

Danielle Guzman, Member Services Manager

Duane Johnson, Legal Counsel

Robin Crawford, Ex-Officio Member

MSYSA reserves the right to modify or change the makeup of the RM Committee with or without notice and for any reason it deems appropriate and/or sees fit.

Upon reviewing the results of any background check conducted, the RM offenses and/or convictions listed below, in whole or in part, may cause the Risk Management Applicant to be immediately disqualified from participation with the MSYSA, all MSYSA related activities and events, all MSYSA affiliated league activities and events, and all US Youth Soccer related activities and events. MSYSA reserves the right to contact the applicant regarding their criminal history in an attempt to gather more information. Information provided by the applicant is taken into consideration by the RM Committee in determining the eligibility of the applicant to participate with MSYSA.

MSYSA, the MSYSA RM Committee and MSYSA Legal Counsel have the right at any time to add additional offenses and convictions to the list as outlined below. MSYSA reserves the right to disqualify an individual when presented with evidence of inappropriate communication, contact, or contact with children or other individuals even if not charged, convicted, or tried in a court of law. MSYSA also reserves the right to disqualify an individual if that individual's behavior and/or conduct are considered detrimental to MSYSA, the MSYSA membership, or MSYSA member leagues.

The RM Committee analyzes RM offenses and/or convictions acquired from criminal history background check(s) with a general incident date ten (10) years prior to the application date.

The RM Committee also reserves the right to review incidents that date back further than ten (10) years and disqualify the individual, if that individual's criminal history indicates a possible serious threat to the wellbeing and safety of children. The RM Committee also reserves the right to perform criminal history background check(s) at random time periods on any Adult Applicant who has previously applied for Risk Management and who may or may not have a criminal history.

The below list includes offesnse which could disqualify an individual from receving risk management. It should also be noted that offenses not listed here are still susceptible to Disqualification at the RM Committee's discretion.


Aggravated assault

Aggravated burglary

Aggravated menacing

Aggravated Murder

Aggravated robbery

Assault and Battery


Carrying concealed weapons

Child enticement

Child stealing

Compelling prostitution

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Corrupting another with drugs

Corruption of a minor

Custodial interference

Criminal Sexual Conduct

Disseminating matter harmful to juvenile

Domestic violence


Endangering children

Failing to provide for functionally impaired person

Felonious assault

Felonious sexual penetration

Funding of drug or marijuana trafficking

Gross sexual imposition

Having a weapon while under a disability

Illegal administration or distribution of anabolic steroids

Illegal use of minor in nudity-oriented material or performance

Importuning Improperly discharging a weapon at or near a school or dwelling

Involuntary manslaughter


Pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor

Patient abuse/neglect

Placing harmful objects in food or confection

Possession of drugs

Procuring Promoting prostitution

Property Theft


Public indecency



Sexual Battery

Sexual imposition


Trafficking in drugs

Unlawful abortion

Voluntary manslaughter